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Is anyone up for a fantasy football fix?

I actually found this on Yahoo Answers and its fun. Basically you sign up for free and you choose a position for football, create a player and people from all over the world have football teams that compete in leagues... they offer you a contract to play for their team and you just build your player up game bye game. Its definitely fun, I'm new to it... but you get to communicate with everyone on your team and figure out how to win together. If anyone has any questions you can ask me! Here is the link to sign up. Check it out!


Just go to your players page, click on "Forum" on the options bar (Brown bar). Go under "Recruiting" and there are two forums for "Players looking for teams" and "Teams looking for players". Basically just say I'm John Doe, I'm a Defensive End (or whatever) and I'm new to the league... looking for a place to play. And check back to your profile in a few hours and you should have contract offers.

Seriously it is fun. I'll email you in the league and you can ask me any questions there.

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    when does my player get contract offers????

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