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Natural remedies for a sinus infection?

I have a doozy of a sinus infection. I got sick with a fever/cold two weeks ago and then the past 5 days or so it turned into a severe sinus infection (yellow gunk) and my head clogged and I sleep all day.

I've tried everything: vaporizer steamer with tea tree oil/eucaluptus oil/peppermint oil, saline in the nose, saline/baking soda flushes, lysine (amino acid), high doses of vitamin C, probiotics, sleeping it off, extra zinc, drinking hot water with ginger in it, and now I'm on Bactrim (an antibiotic)

I don't feel like I'm getting better, not sure...maybe ever so slightly. I have my ears plugged, my head plugged and I go through tons of kleenex. My doc said something about oil of oregano drops on the tongue (I may try that).

any other ideas: no neti pots do not work for me. I also tried Sambucol (elderberry extract).

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    I know from experience that olive leaf extract (vitamin form) is GREAT! It doesn't seem like it's doing anything, but take it regularly for a month, i notice when i stop my sinus infection acts up again. It's an awesome natural remedy.

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    You poor thing! You sound miserable. I feel for ya.

    I don't believe I have ever had a sinus infection because of one thing: Regular aerobic exercise. It clears my head and drains out any mucus on a regular basis. If you don't exercise now, think about getting into it when you are well. Also, running completely eased by brother's asthma symptoms when he was a young man.

    Other than that, my sister is recovering from some kind of sinus infection or rhinitis/sinusitis. Ugh. It's nasty. The doctor told us to use a saline rinse. Have you tried the "Sinus Rinse" made by the people who make the neti pot? It's the rinse with the larger clear, plastic bottle that you squeeze into your nose. You need a rinse that applies pressure. We got hers at Walgreens for like $12 or $13.

    A lot of chunky, bloody gunk started coming out of my sister's nose right away and she slowly began to feel better. It takes time. She rinses once per day, sometimes twice.

    Since this happened to you, you should start using a saline rinse on a regular basis as an act of "prevention" against sinus infections and colds.

    Hope you feel better really soon.

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    Cold Symptoms

    Cold symptoms include:*

    Slow onset.

    No prostration.

    Fever Headache is rare.

    Runny nose, Sneezing.

    Mild Fatigue.

    Cough, chest discomfort.

    Sore Throat.

    Flu Symptoms

    Flu symptoms include:*

    Swift, severe onset.

    Prominent Prostration.

    Flushed, hot moist skin.

    102-104 degree temp.

    Chills, body aches.

    Extreme fatigue,

    can last 2-3 weeks.

    Cough, sore throat.

    Sinus Infection Symptoms

    Sinus infection symptoms:*

    Facial pains.

    Tenderness of the sinus areas.


    Nasal drainage that is thick and colored.

    Cough (may be itchy).

    Postnasal drip.

    Bad breath.

    Upper jaw pain.

    Sore throat.

    Eyes are sensitive to light.

    General fatigue.

    Eye lids swell.

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    Decrease mucus production by avoiding dairy products for now. There may be some component of allergies involved, so you may want to try an OTC anti-histamine. Continue the saline nose spray, and consider having your doctor prescribe a steroid nose spray as well. The bactrim definately should be completed. Menthol-based nose spray may give some temporary relief to the sinus pressure.

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    There are some really good nitequil quick release gel capsels i got from the store and it cleared my husband up, natural remedies dont really work for him and he is stubborn on meds but this worked for him after trying to get him to try everything else. They are purple colored and for flu/cold symptoms and there a bit pricey for like 12 capsel and u take like 2 once every 6 hours, i think they make you drowsy but they cleared him up fast and my father anytime they got a nasty head cold, sinus infection, and i think it helps with allergy symptoms as well or those might be a different colored capsel. Im not no doctor but it works for my father and my husband.

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    Check out this new supplement called chaga. It is documented as the world's strongest antioxidant. Go to the website click on black icon that says product movie and see it for yourself I had sinus infections that were horrible and because of this supplement I don't have it any longer

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    The saline flushes are one of the best choices. But you have to do them several times a day. If you go to the drug store, they should have kits with premeasured packets and a specially designed irrigation bottle - I use NeilMeds. You should be able to find it at Longs, Wal-Mart, Wal-Greens, and others.

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    Hot compresses and fresh (not store bought) carrot juice always works for me.

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    you could try sniffing seasalt crushed up

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