Scratches on disc?

How can I fix a small scratch on an x box 360 disc that freezes during gameplay?

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    1 decade ago
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    If by small scratch you mean a light (not deep) scratch... then it shouldn't be too hard of a fix. The way such light damage is repaired is by buffering out the scratches or occationally some products will attempt to fill these scratches in.

    I believe if you take it to any video game shop or even a Blockbuster, they may be able to repair it for you either for free or for $1 or some small fee like that. They also sell do it yourself repair products at such places as well as other electronics shops. Many of the these products will work well for lightly scratched discs... though many do little to nothing for deeper more extensive scratching. In some cases, if you purchase an at home device you may need to run the repair cycle several times.

    If you don't even want to leave the house to repair it.. certain types of paste type toothpaste (iow not gel) can work as a polish to buffer out light scratches on discs. You'll need to put the toothpaste on a light non-abbrasive cloth.. perhaps an eyeglass cleaning cloth if you have one.. and rub at the disc and scratch in an even radial motion... then after alot of elbow work.. clean any remaining residue off the disc. Again, this will work for light scratches or as a final step in a more thorough repair. Some people have had success with other type or polishing and abrasive compounds... though more extreme measures are only necessary for the really bad scratches.

    If you hardly ever scratch discs.. if I were you I might try the toothpaste real quick.. with a soft non-abrasive cloth (don't want to put more scratches in it) and if that does not work, bring it to a videogame store or rental place as mentioned above.

    FYI, if you ever scratch the label side of a disc.. that can be far far worse.. since the actual data is stored closer to the label side. The disc surface on the opposite side is actual farther from the data and basically just a layer of plastic.. which can be buffered or even slightly sanded down (in special ways) to repair scratches. The most important thing is to do such repairs evenly across the whole disc and not add any additional scratches in the process.

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    Well, scratches can't really be fixed, but there are a few ways. First, rub the disk w/ soap or diluted ethyl alcohol, and wash it off.

    Or, rub toothpaste all over it and leave it for 10 mins. Then wash it off completely and dry it.

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    This ALWAYS works for me...It's a little weird but it works like no other...Take simple rubbing alcohol and rub it on the disk....Then put it in the freezer just long enough for the disk to get a film on the disk...then take it out and dry with a soft towel and it should work...It's always worked for me...

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    There is a scracth repair kit you can buy at Kmart/Walmart for $10. it works

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    well i think there is a machine for that i saw in a store for about 30$$ so go and see if its there

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    1 decade ago

    spray eye glass cleaner on the disk

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    put toothpaste on it, it usually works for me

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