work of art and a song to match, lets get artsy fartsy?

1) find a work of art. (post link to image)

2) find a song that you think fits the art. (post link if you can)

3) explain why you paired them up.

(don't worry if you don't know much about art, i do know art, don't let that intimidate you, and it doesn't require you to have knowlegde of the art or artist, like mine does)

here is mine:

this 'untitled' painting is by 'jean-michel basquiat'

basquiat was funded by andy warhol and died of a heroin overdose, so i think 'the velvet underground's' (who warhol also managed) and their song 'heroin' would fit.

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good stuff so far.

Gothic Princess, neat

Sarah, nice artist i will check him out.

Shizzle Bizzle! i heart bansky!

and check out this site of for street art.

Darth Maul (Is A Johnny Reb) ahh, starry night, i tripped out during 'astronomy domine', also, i saw 'starry night' in amsterdam, tripped out then too, but for other reasons though.

Update 2:

Ana Maria, shoot, wish you had a bigger image, because that looks cool.

Ladytron, wow, the real 'marylin manson'

and dali's 'Metamorphosis of Narcissus'


olive, i really like that artwork you posted, any info on the artist. sigur ros me likey.

Emily! your art link didn't work, manet or monet? but love the sigur ros song.

Update 3:

yes, Emily! that does work, and good work.

Justice D., i saw guernica in person and it is a very wonderful painting, one of my favorites. i also read the lyrics to the 'brand new' song and don't know why they called it guernica either. thanks though.

Update 4:

Ana Maria, look what i found, your painting. and it is beautiful.

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