I need a new microphone that is really GOOD quality that can be used for my computer and to make songs?

Where can I buy or order one in British Pounds?

Anybody got any websites ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Stick with Plantronics headsets, but don't go for entry level. I don't have any British suppliers on tap, but you can quickly determine which model(s) would be right for you, then do a search on plantronics <model name/number> <country>

    Many years ago, "Dragon, Naturally Speaking" opted to include Plantronics headsets in their packages. They bet their company on using only Plantronics and it worked for them. The quality of sound is excellent, and the signal loss is nominal which makes for a great sound experience on the other end of the conversation.

    To date, no other company has dethroned Plantronics in the general consumer/business market. You'd have to go upto studio recording level equipment to beat them.

    Michael McLaughlin @ Iron Oak IT inc., Calgary, AB



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