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Whare should i start?

Well girl friend breaks up with me long distance relation ship soo it was a long distance relation ship now what ware should start at with dating like dateing on line asking girls out or what?

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    Ew, "whare" should I start? Ahem..

    Spelling first, maybeh. Y'know, I believe that you can tell a lot about people from their typing style. One kind of person I try and stay away from are those who can't spell. They just tend to be of lower intelligence..

    I think it's quite sad that after this relationship you want to rush straight into another, you can't have cared much for your ex. The awful thing is that you're using the Internet to form relationships, and it all seems really pointless because you won't even get to know a girl enough to care about her. You seem like the typical guy, you probably just want some pussy but you have a weak will! Ask girls out, for what? Girls are people y'know.. You don't just go up to one and ask her out for no good reason.

    Start building relationships. Friendships first, I say. And if you wanna do it online, sort out that spelling. Because if someone like you e-mailed me, I'd be saying goodbye to Broadband in a heartbeat!

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    meet someone in your area...i never seen a point in long distance relationships or online ones...its soo much better being able to be with the person you have feelings for instead of talking on the phone or online

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    person, meet in person, not the online giels, real girls who you know those type of girls:(


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