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Converting to Islam?

So um ya im 14 and I have been thinking about religeon and God and I want to convert .

This isnt a question as such but can anyone give me any pointers

Currantly im reading the Quran and some other books to learn more about Islam but i want to find out as much as possible before i convert because i think that the more i learn then the better it will be

I already know quite a bit of the religon but i know that theres things that i dont know yet and i want to learn

thanks for any points that people will make =]




So um ya im 14 and I have been thinking about religeon and God and I want to convert .

This isnt a question as such but can anyone give me any pointers

Currantly im reading the Quran and some other books to learn more about Islam but i want to find out as much as possible before i convert because i think that the more i learn then the better it will be

I already know quite a bit of the religon but i know that theres things that i dont know yet and i want to learn

thanks for any points that people will make =]



Also im seeing a few racist things here if you are not going to give me a useful answer **** off

one thing that i cannot stand is racisim

Update 2:

this is a desicion that ive made completely of my own freewill something that i am is my own person and people that know me can tell you that ive not made this decision because of any boy or any friend im making this decision because i beleive its right and its what i want to do

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    Hi Heather,

    Before i tell you a little about myself and my views i want you to understand something.........If you decide to convert to Islam, it should be because you believe fully in the teachings of Islam, the Qur'an as Gods Own Words......You have to believe 100% with all your heart that you will submit yourself to God.....You believe that there is only One God, Allah (swt), and that Muhammad (pbuh) was His messenger.

    Your decision should not be based on another individual...i.e. a boy, for example, whom you may like and who is muslim.

    Your decision and belief should be for God only!!!!!!!!!

    Yes you are young, i believe you should take some time and find out as much as you can about Islam. You really need to get in contact with your local mosque.....You need to talk with Muslim ladies of your age and older on their experience of Muslim life.......any books. websites look up, be sure they are authentic. If you are going to email individuals know that you really do not know who you are talking need to thread carefully........

    Is there an older family member of yours whom you can confide in about your feelings, whom you know will not criticise or dissuade you, but will listen and try to understand you. It is my feeling that if there is such a person that you can trust....then he/she may be able to help you.......they will also be able to monitor your email exchanges....i dont mean this in a negative way......but you are only 14....and everyone needs to take care and precaution when it comes to the internet......NEVER give out personal details of any kind......please take heed of this.......NEVER give a phone number if someone asks you...or an address....PLEASE BE CAREFUL in this sense.......that is why i suggest you have an adult that you know and trust to help you on your journey of learning......under NO circumstances meet with an individual whether they are male or female unless you have an adult that YOU KNOW and TRUST with you at all times.

    If you are determined to learn more and study more then i say God Bless you and may He guide you always.......

    I will tell you a little about me and my choice to convert to Islam

    I am a catholic lady who is converting to Islam. I have read the Qur'an, Islamic history and am at the moment studying some of the Hadiths. Yes there is alot to learn. However my life has changed remarkably....within myself that is.....since i chose Islam.

    I had always felt there was something extremely important i had to do......i felt a huge gap in my life.......since God led me on the straight path to Islam....that gap has been filled.

    Now its not easy believe me...i know the changes that have to occur in my life with regards to my marriage, my family's view of Islam, my friends.....choosing Islam is a life change....but it is a journey to God and a happy afterlife.

    People who know nothing of Islam or only what they choose to hear from the media are very critical, intolerant at times and some even disrespectful towards my opinions, views and beliefs. Some have even indicated that i must have been a very unhappy person and not a devout catholic to begin with.......both of these statements are incorrect to a degree.....i have everything that i need in regards to what some people qualify as enough to being happy.....i have a great job.....a great family......i would be considered very extroverted in my ways.......but something bigger was always missing.......for years i have felt this huge gap......and my only regret is that i did not find Islam years ago.....But it was Gods will that i have found it in this time of my is a test....some fail...some pass....i will definitely not turn my back on God when i know it was He who opened my eyes and heart in acceptance of Islam. Other people assume because of my friendship with a muslim man that it was he who persuaded me to convert......this could not be further from the truth....i had begun my journey a long time before i had met this mind and heart had already accepted this beautiful faith. Others assumed i had never been a devout catholic.......i can tell you i practised my faith to as high as a degree as the next catholic......but as i got older the catholic religion did not seem the rite did not seem rite to me that i had to confess my sins to another human who gave me forgiveness on behalf of God.......there seemed to be a lot of changes made within the church to suit the church rather than to serve God.......I became disillusioned with the catholic faith...(i dont mean any of this in a bad way.....just an honest opinion)....people have often suggested here that i go talk to a of my closest friends for years is a priest.......and i have spoken to him......but it just seems wrong to me .......Islam i know is the true is a feeling that is whole being is 100% positive and there are very few if any things i would be 100% sure about.

    Another issue that people find hard to believe is that i am a biologist and chemist.....a scientist.....who believes that God is the creator of all that exists....and disputes with those who believe 100% in evolution.

    People do not seem to realise that Christianity and Islam have alot of similarities......i believe Christianity and the Bible changed to suit the people.......which is completely unthinkable if something is the word of man can change it.......I also believe that The Qur'an was revealed to Muhammad (pbuh) to put rite all the wrongs that were done since Gods word was last revealed.......The beliefs and followers of Islam have not changed since that day......even in a modern society.......we cant change the Word of God because it does not suit our saturday night agenda or our work schedule......i believe the Qur'an is a guide to how we should be living our lives, if more were to follow suit we would have less complications in the world today......we would have peace, tolerance, respect, happiness, less rape, less sexually

    transmitted disease, happier families, happier children, less greed, less of all the negative aspects of modern society.....i could go on and on.........

    I fully believe that islam is the true path and that is why i am converting.

    I hope this helps in some way.....

    Please take heed of what i have said at the beginning.....Take care on your journey.....and please if you have a family member you know you can trust and confide in do so................

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    I wouldn't say that Satan made me convert, lol. I don't believe in god, therefore I don't believe in Satan either. I didn't really 'convert' to anything. I just came to a decision that the idea of a god, such as the one in the monotheistic religions, is not working for me. If there is a god, I don't think he would send people to 'Hell'. That's the stupidest concept to me. That in itself could have been enough for my mind to stop believing in him. There are many more other reasons to list here. Life now is not better, but not worse. At least I have no guilt over everything, and no fear of some mean god who puts people in hell. Religion is there for those who need guidance. I know how to be moral without an invisible man threatening me to do so with fire. added: Don't try and say I don't know the religion. I was raised with sunday school, and have my short suras memorized. I did read the whole Quran in English (which is brilliant and I respect it), and studied other religions as well. It's nothing against Islam. It's against the idea of god in general I don't agree with.

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    Unlearn that crap that Apostasy is punishible by death...the Qu'ran perscribes no such punishment for apostasy and since your thinking your converting I highly doubt your family is muslim nor fanatic muslims so how would they threaten you should you leave?

    Like the other person said muslim converts should study all religions before read up on it and go with what you feel comfortable about...yeah you should go to a mosque and talk to an imam.........and also Pay close attention...people think Islam is a female opressing religion when it is not.

    I at one point almost fell to the critics and for six months I was an agnostic but I re-read the qu'ran and found the criticisms to be crap so I came back to Islam

    My parents are muslim and if someone accused my dad of repressing my mom we will get a huge laugh at mother also does not cover her hair but she does dress modestly(which means not like a skank).

    There are many people that are going to tell you Islam is a religion founded by a war-mongering pedophile which is a bunch of crap.

    All I can tell you to do is read the Qu'ran talk to imams and other muslims and if you feel right go for it. Ohh and don't worry about turning your back on Christ since Christs true message is present in the Qu'ran

    Source(s): Muslim and proud
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    You are wise to ask this question. It is also good that you are investigating various religions and spiritualities. You are also, in my opinion, probably too young to make an informed decision on this yet. Continue to read and learn from various sources: there are hundreds of books around and many different views. I have read much on religion and spirituality and I think I have found the answer, a book called "A Course in Miracles", which teaches the importance of peace and love, and the need to set aside all thoughts of attack in order to see literally a better world. If you, or anyone else, have any questions at all on spiritual issues, feel free to e-mail me and I will give you my honest view.

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    if u really wanna convert(doubt it) then this is a bad place to ask as u might have known there are many propagandists on this site against Islam........

    here is the C.I.A report..........

    The Worlds Major Religions Changes

    Growth rates taken between

    World Almanac and Book of Facts, 1935

    and Readers Digest Almanac and Yearbook 1983

    In the last half century...

    Confucianism & Taoism decrease 13%



    Judaism decrease 4%



    Christianity increase 47%



    Eastern Orthodox decrease 36%



    Protestant increase 57%



    Catholic increase 70%



    Buddhism increase 63%



    Hinduism increase 117%



    Shintoism increase 152%



    Islam increase 235%



    Islam is the Fastest Growing Religion on Earth

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    Whatever you do, remember that you are still 14 and will need to rely on your parents for the next 10 years. Learn more, and in maybe a year or so, if you're sure, then convert. According to Islam, you're of age, so you can willingly convert. When you convert, do so in a way that will not anger your parents. Allah wants you to be friendly with them.

    Source(s): A Muslim
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    hi heather, am really happy for you and am sure that's God will guide you inshallah to the right path which is, believe me, ISLAM.

    my other muslim brothers and sister already gave you true authentic answers, so i'll just tell you about veil(hijab) coz it's often missunderstood, The veiling is not only just covering the head; it indicates a way of behavior, which is called to be more modest, more pure--Puritan maybe--which means you limit your presence in public life. For instance, the way you look at people. You have to cast down the eyes. The way your body occupies the space in public. That means you shouldn't be too loud--laughing, for instance. So it means a way of behaving, more modest behavior. It comes from hija, meaning being more cautious, being more modest. So I think it's not only just a kind of dress code, but a dress code which indicates a set of manners, bodily manners, in relation to the other sex, but in relation also to public behavior. Also, culturally, it means a more civilized behavior--civilized in the sense that you are more controlled. It's a kind of self-control in public life.

    i hope you the best, peace-love

    Source(s): a muslimah
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    read Quran and hadith

    You may doubts about some rules in islam so

    You can check this site

    Look on q&a

    And it compares similarity between islam and other religions , look for the video gallery too

    The moment you convert to islam you are like a new born baby that is sinless

    And Allah knows the


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    I converted to Islam as well. You should read what the female Muslims on here are saying. All the stuff that people are saying about getting beaten and getting killed for converting away from Islam is all not true. Make sure you are making a decision for yourself, from your heart. Islam is the best thing, it is so freeing, it is the perfect way to live your life!! I agree with the sister who said Hamza Yusuf, he is great. you can find some of his speeches on Also find a masjid in your area. You can use or google mosque and your home city. There are always sisters who are ready to help you!!

    And there will be haters, but the more you learn and the more confident you are in your faith, the easier it is to laugh at people who make it so obvious that they don't know what they are talking about!! There are always people to help you!

    If you want more info, you can email me through my profile. I am a female also, I was a little older when I converted, but any help I can be please let me know!

    Good Luck!!

    Source(s): American convert to Islam
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    salaaam si, well hopefully.

    thats very brave of you, keep up your research and one day you will wake up and want to make shahada. gooo girl! lol

    umm, try and hook up with some muslim sisters if you know any. go to islamic events. go to the mosque, some mosques have a women you can talk. not imam. or you couls talk with the imam, he can point you in the right direction, give you books... he can also spread the word and help you meet other people like your self.

    good luck sis

    peace out, ma salaama

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    I would recommend you to go to and watch the videos where scientists have themselves confessed that Quran could not have been the work of a human. In addition, please listen to the lecture "Amazing Quran" by Dr. Gary Miller which can be downloaded from Further, I humbly request that you read the short book "QUR'AN AND MODERN SCIENCE - Compatible Or Incompatible" which can be downloaded from May Allah show us the right path and save our minds from being corrupted by false ideologies. Ameen.

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