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Is this part of the misconception that illegals pay taxes?

Imagine being this poor woman in California!

Schmierer realized she had a problem in February 2005, when she got a statement from the IRS saying she owed $15,813 in back taxes — even though she had not worked since her son was born in 2000.

Perhaps even more surprising, the taxes were due from jobs in Texas.

Schmierer called the IRS and learned that numerous people were using her Social Security number. Officials said the erroneous balances would be eliminated, but the agency would have to correct the problem again in future years.

"They told me they couldn't do anything else," Schmierer said.

IRS officials declined to talk about Schmierer's case, citing privacy laws.

Schmierer has done a little investigating of her own, combing through tax bills sent to her for names and locations of employers who hired people using her number.

She has also obtained more than 200 W-2 and 1099 tax forms that contained her Social Security number but different names. Schmierer provided copies of the records to The Associated Press.

People used her Social Security number from Florida to Washington state, at construction sites, fast-food restaurants and even major high-tech companies. Some opened bank accounts using the number.

Most of the people worked multiple jobs in the same year, though some remained at the same company for several years. The top wage earner made $39,465, but most reported income of less than $15,000.

Though impossible to verify in every case, information gleaned from criminal investigations, tax documents and other sources suggested that most of the users were probably illegal immigrants.

Schmierer filed a police report after learning one man had used her information in 2003 at janitorial and landscaping companies near Haltom City, Texas.

Investigators found the man, who told officers he had bought a fake Social Security card at a flea market, according to a police report. He was not arrested.

Schmierer tracked down other people, finding that her number had been used to get work but not to access her credit card or bank accounts.

What started as a hassle turned into a major headache earlier this year when she sought work through a temporary agency that learned her Social Security number had been used by a woman in Texas two years earlier. The agency could not hire Schmierer for more than a month while the situation was clarified.

"How do you prove that you are you?" Schmierer said. "It's like you are guilty until proven innocent."

While returning from a trip to Mexico with her husband last year, Schmierer was detained for four hours in a Dallas airport by immigration officials. The reason: a woman using her Social Security number was wanted for a felony.


Dani, you speak the truth, and imagine how fair is that to the kids who legitimately belong here? To the first woman your husband is a lawbreaker, and you said yourself he does not work, what about all the years he did not pay, I know that he owes for years he worked under the table. Self employment tax is 20% I know you are not paying that, I hope you get audited. As for the other guy, there is plenty of food in Mexico, they need to get jobs and work there and support their familys there.

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    There are many Americans who are sharing their SS numbers with one or more people.... and don't know it. Imagine retiring and looking forward to your first SS payment... only to find that you have to prove who you are because others have your SS number,too. This happens every day in America.

    One very big scam is buying the SS numbers of children... because it will be years before children actually use a SS card or retire. Children's cards go from $ 800 to $1200 in California.

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    Our illustrious government at work! An average of better than 22 jobs a year with different names and neither the SSA nor the IRS can figure out that there is something wrong?

    Illegals pay taxes? What is the tax on $15000 if you claim 10 kids? A lot less than they take in services! We lose and our government does nothing but try to give them amnesty that will only cause more to come!

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    I can't believe how many anti-tax nuts are out today. It may be hard, but try to use logic. Of course income tax is legal. Don't take my word for it, check with the Supreme Court and nearly a century of history. Occasionally crackpots get acquitted in criminal cases because the prosecution screws up but the percentage of wins in Tax Court is zero. They all end up owing. The chance of losing in Tax Court is better than 100% because the court will add an extra penalty for wasting their time.

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    First, "Crazy" - Your husband is a criminal and should be deported ASAP.

    Second, how can anyone claim that this forms an argument for the path to legalization for illegals?!? Seriously?!? If you enact a National ID program it will put a huge dent in these criminals coming here. These people don't "do what it takes to survive" they break the law! AND, statistically most DO NOT pay taxes like they should! Why would they? If they start to have problems with the SS number they have they can buy a new one and start all over again. You make it impossible for them to work here and they will stop coming. If companies were facing huge fines and/or criminal charges for hiring these criminals they wold stop, or they would go to jail.

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    This has been my argument all along - sure they pay taxes, but they have to use the social security number of a poor unsuspecting citizen who gets nailed for tax evasion, etc. Just happened to a friend of mine - and why wasn't the guy who used a fake ss card arrested? He knowingly committed fraud! Our government better step up to the plate or we will have to take our country back over! Arizona has the right idea - see how well it is working!!! I am sick of illegals and want them GONE!

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    Starving my butt... Poor they may be but so are many Americans who are unable to find food or shelter themselves. When we conquer our own problems then we can deal with others. Doing wrong to get ahead at others expense is plain old wrong , immoral and illegal.

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    For Jas G....what do you mean they are starving?? Some of us are starving!!!!

    Why should those of us who are here legally and make an honest living have to pay for the illegals to live here? If the tables were turned, do you think they would want their country to pay for us to live there?

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    its obvious from the post that they stole this woman's identity yet failed to pay the taxes on the income they made, huh, wonder where all these leftists get the notion these criminals pay taxes?

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    You do realize this works better as an argument for allowing them to legalize. You cannot stop them from coming, they are starving. They do not have time to wait for us to "get around to them."

    And with the new laws that crack down on employers, illegal immigrants do what it takes to get around that. And you can always find someone willing to break the law to make money, even an American citizen. Those against immigrants seem to forget that Americans are just as capable of crime as Mexicans.

    But back to this, the immigrants do what it takes to SURVIVE. And that includes taking Social Security Numbers. And to be fair, most try to avoid those that belong to individuals who are still alive. But really, how can they know for sure? If they are told the owner of the SS# is dead, they believe it. They can't really check.

    Instead, if we allow them a path to legality, they can start paying taxes under their own name. They are coming, and you can't stop them. Even a wall can't stop them, they can pull the "Cuba Maneuver" (build rafts). But we can start getting taxes from them.

    If you honestly feel they get and don't give back (which is a wrong assessment), then this is how you get them to give back. Allow for their legality, or just accept that this is one of the problems that come with being a rich country.


    Obviously quite a few are having trouble with the facts of this situation.

    Yes, there is plenty of food in Mexico. However, because of the failed economy it is almost impossible for the people to get to the food, it doesn't get to the stores. And the food that does, inflation has sent its cost through the roof.

    Not that it really matters, without jobs no one can afford even cheap food.

    And I do understand the feeling that "some of us are starving here." It is true, I am not disputing that. But so are they. And when you are starving, do you really care all that much about morality? You care about living more.

    Whether they are right or wrong is irrelavent, they will do what they can to SURVIVE. To live. That thing that is innate to all of us; that is a natural part of being alive. Instinct. They will do what it takes to live. You are telling them to die. If someone told you to act in a way that you know would end in your death, would you listen?

    And I know the idea is that if you hit the employers, it will stop. It won't. Like I said, that is precisely what sends the illegal immigrants to the criminals who sell the Social Security Numbers. Its the only way around those laws. The employers can't always catch an illegal SS#. Punish them all you want, they have no real way to check. IT WON'T WORK.

    You cannot stop them this way. Instead we must provide the illegal immigrants with a more "tempting target." The truth is that they love their own country, but their own country can't help them. Let's face it, the ones we have a problem with the most are Mexicans. So I deal mainly with Mexico.

    Vicente Fox did much to help the economy, and Felipe Calderon is continuing that work. But those changes still take time to work. Maybe we can help.

    I suggest we institute a new plan. I suggest a system of government grants and scholarships that go to OUR college kids. They get them if they take Spanish as their minor, and whatever they want to take as a major. Upon graduation, they will be sent to Mexico as teachers. They get a US gov't stipend check IN ADDITION TO Mexican pay as incentive. They teach whatever they learned as a major to the children of Mexico. Anything, from psychology to welding, from anthropology to zoology.

    This will provide a real education to the Mexican children, who can in turn use it to establish a real Mexican economy capable of using its natural resources to support the people. Mexico actually has more resources than even America, but no way to use them. We will be providing the knowledge on how to use those resources.

    At the same time, since the peso is literally worth 1/11 of the dollar, the American stipend check is worth much more down there. The college kids who are teaching now can spend very little and live like they like, and save the rest. After spending anywhere between 1-5 years in Mexico, they will have saved a lot of money. Then they come back with lots of savings they would not have been able to make in America.

    They will have gotten to live in another country, which what college kid wouldn't love to spend time in another country? On government money no less, they wouldn't have to spend it themselves. And when they come back, they can spend that money on homes, or businesses of their own, or whatever else. They spend it in our economy however, and that is a boost to us. But I reiterate that this plan should be for no more than 5 years; we want them to actually come back.

    And you know this would look great on any job application. The ability to speak another language, teaching credentials, actual real world experiences. How many corporations would love a fresh college kid with all of this?

    And with the freshly jumpstarted economy of Mexico, the illegal immigrants here can go back and actually make a real living for themselves.

    This plan helps them and us. By caring for fellow humans, we have helped ourselves. It is always better to care for others than it is to hate them.

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