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is courage the absence of fear? or there is more important than fear?

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    The best explaination I've heard yet is:

    Bravery is facing something with no fear.

    Courage is fearing it, but doing it anyway.

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    No, courage isn't the absence of fear. If there's no fear there's nothing to be courageous about, is there?

    Fear is a very necessary human emotion. Our ancestors would never have survived if they hadn't learned to fear wild animals, for example. It's a good thing to have a sense of fearfulness at times, otherwise we'd go ahead and do things that could mean an end to our very existence.

    As for what to do in the face of something that frightens us, that depends on what that something is. Sometimes it's good to face whatever it is, but many times it's good to back away too. Only foolish people would put themselves into danger for no good reason, eg if I saw a lion in my garden I'd be too afraid to approach it. If someone else insisted on going up to it to 'face' it I wouldn't think he was courageous, I'd think he was mad!

    IMO having courage is facing and coping with things that devastate our lives, such as serious illness, poverty, breavement. These type of things require sustained courage over a period of time, which must I think be harder than a sudden heroic act on the battlefield which is done in the heat of the moment. Fear and courage are linked, but courage is not the absence of fear - it's a lot more complicated that than.

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    Courage is not the absence of fear because if you do not fear then there is nothing to be courageous about.

    Courage is when a person fears yet is motivated enough to continue.

    Why didn't you ask this in psychology as it is not a philosophy question really.

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    courage isn't the absence of's the decision that something is more important than the fear.

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    I think courage is to walk beyond your fear and face the situation with more logical and sensible way rather than just to run way from the real situation because of fear.So we can conclude saying that courage is a rational and modified version of fear.

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    courage is not the absence of fear but the mind set to overcome.

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    Courage is the act done upon intelligant interpretation of fear. Conquering fear leads to courage.

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    Oh so true. Fear turns men into the most courageous of beings to protect their homes and their families!

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    I agree with Just me... you need fear in order to be considered courageous... without the fear it becomes just another act. But you can't compare courage with stupidity either...


    Courage would be pulling another from an apparent danger to them and also to yourself

    Stupidity would be putting yourself in apparent danger just to prove the point that you have no fear.

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    Courage is action in the face of fear

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    Courage is the decision to take a dangerous position, either physically or mentally, in spite of evidence of threat.

    It is the ability and willingness to act for what the individual considers to be the unselfish good.

    I'm back to give an example. It goes to the spur of the moment which often accompanies the act of courage:

    A soldier sees a hand grenade land in the foxhole where other soldiers are, he realizes that there is insufficient time to get to the grenade, collect it and throw it away. He realizes that he only has time to cover the grenade with his body to save his/her comrades. The decision is complex and includes the certain knowledge that not only will he/she probably die but others, farther away, will die as well. He/she is the one on the spot, so to speak and must decide to do what he/she fells is right.

    This is the best example fo courage I can conjure.

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