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What does this dream about my EX mean??

My ex is now with someone else. He has said he loves me but is stuck w/ her. We cant really do anything becuase he is with her, so ive distanced myself from him. Last night i had a dream that I hung out w/ him and she found out. She went bezerk and came over and broke a bunch of stuff at my house. He said "thats it" and tried to dump her and we both had to fight her off becuase she went absoltuly nuts. I remember being terrified of her, but so happy he chose me and loved me. what does this dream mean?

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    It means you want him back and you are dreaming up ways that that could happen. If you really try to do anything to break them up just make sure he is what you really want. Sometimes its the thrill of winning that might be getting you worked up

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    It means you wish she would find out he still has feelings for you, and you wish he would act on those feelings and choose you over her.

    I've have been exactly where you are, and it sucks. All I can offer is this.

    If he really wanted to be with you, he would be. You two managed to split up, so it's not that he can't leave her or that he is stuck. He wants to be right where he is. he is telling you what you want to hear. It may be because he can't face telling you the truth, or it may be because he is hoping you will still be intimate with him so he has the best of both worlds. My ex used to tell me the same thing. He also used to say he didn't see himself with her forever the way he saw himself with me (we were engaged when we broke up, 3 months before our wedding). He just wanted me to do the things to him sexually, that she wouldn't do. When I finally came to my senses, it was hard, but I was finally able to let go and move on. You are stuck in limbo and the only way out is to cut all contact.

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    I'm pretty sure its not a dream about you liking your EX again. If you have thought about him at all recently, maybe thats what is causing you to have this dream.

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    He is not stuck with her at all.

    Your dream is playing What if he gave me a chance and his horrible girlfriend found out, and we fought her real hard and eventually after a big long fight he is now with me.

    He has a choice, if he loves you back off from him and let him prove it.

    He just wants to play you both. Why wont he dump her? Does she hold a machine gun to his head? I bet she hasn't any idea that he is stringing you along like this. Just back off from him and see what happens, otherwise you will get hurt.

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    first if ure x really loved u he would b with u n not her,i think his like hopeing u will b there to pick up the pieces,after this chick dumps him,if she ever dose,hope u gone on with ure life n find the one who really loves just u,,n the dream??if u really want to no about dreams,u ought to go to the libary n ck out some books,but if this girl as scared u n the past,i think i would stay way way away from her,,good luck

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    It means that you think about him 24/7 and this is secretly what you want to happen so you can be with him. You need to get over it. Stop hanging on his relationship. Get another boyfriend. If its meant to be, it will work out in time.

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    It means you are too preoccupied with your ex. He is your ex for a reason. Dream about something else.

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    Umm probably that you want to be with him still, and you want him to leave her for you. But if he does you think she'd probably come after you once she found out you are back together.

    Pretty obvious. :)

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    I think that he is more in your mind and mostly in your heart, why you dream about him!! Love sucks don't it, when they are with someone else!!

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    u still love him no matter what and u will always care about him and u will be happy if he dumps her and comes to u.

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