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Should China be allowed to hold the Olympics in their country, despite the outcry and protests from so many?

This theme is on the cover of many publications in the areas very close to San Fransico, as well as on the television. Is was a powerful image, seeing these young men with protests written on their strikingly beautiful and very colorful Tibetan flags! Mohandas K Gahdhi as well as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr were role models for these brave and wonderful young men who are facing serious fines (jail time and perhaps even feloney charges) for doing the right and brave and altrustic thing! It's been a long time coming, now the world will know the SHAME and brutatlity of China. Boycott the olympics, please speak out for His Holiness the Dali Lama and his gentle, magical, devoted flock. I have been lucky enough to get into Sikkim with my lama, and the population there is or was almost entirely Tibetan!

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    I do not think the Olympic Games should go ahead. There are those who say it is simply a sporting event, and politics should not play a role in what happens, but the way China has tried to use this Olympics, and recently the torch relay to portray itself as a powerful nation has had the opposite effect to what was envisaged by the IOC. Human rights abuses in China have if anything got worse in the last 7 years.

    Most if not all western governments have too many trade interests with China to impose economic sanctions, so this Olympics could be the only way to show the Chinese government up. An Olympics that took place without the world's athletes, in empty stadia would be a complete farce, as well as an embarassment for the Chinese authorities who have spent huge amounts on the infrastructure for the games (and with complete disregard for the human cost).

    The Olympic 'ideals' are in no way being upheld in this games, and it is naive to think that those athletes who participate are not contributing to the aggrandisement of China.

    Finally, for those who have trained for the last four years, and indeed much of their lives for this Olympic chance, I can only feel sympathy, as a boycott would affect them. However, the lost opportunity for a medal of a few hundred athletes is a price worth paying for the lives of many thousands who are being oppressed at this very moment.

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  • I just finished reading the other post, and I can't believe that some try to disassociate the Olympic games to politics and power, when the whole Olympic movement from the beginning of history has been surrounded by politics and the powerful. Athletes competing to gain strenght to prepare for wars, all wars being suspended only during the festivity, and nations taking advantage of this celebration to meet, sign treaties and alliances.

    I do not appreciate that a flame that must represent the union of people and peace (at least momentarily) be parading across the world, while the undeniable right of individuals are being annulled by a country that is becoming the master of deception.

    This is not only about politics, this is about the respect for life of peaceful people and monks, the end of genocide of TIBETANS.

    Source(s): Si, who cares...menefreghista!
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  • anna s
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    Where were all of the protests when China was picked to host the games? It's not like all of the gov't atrocities are new. The protests should have been as vehement when China was only in consideration. To pull out now will hurt the Chinese people economically & most likely cause a fallout to Tibet who will take the brunt of the gov't blame. & what about the athletes who trained hard & may only get one shot at an Olympic medal? Why take it out on them?

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    Olympics are nothing to do with politics - that's the way it should stay. By all means protest China all you like but it's unforgivable that people try to put out the flame - that's an attack on the Olympics when the protestors should be attacking China.

    All the people in the UK shouting for boycott should remember that other countries throughout the world will try to do the same thing for 2012 because they don't agree with our foreign policies.

    It's not right and you won't convince me otherwise.

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  • Maya R
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    I think the Olympics should go on because it is a world event that China agreed to stage.

    I fully support the Dalai Lama's request for a dialogue with the Chinese Government.His position on Tibet's future is well known and the Chinese Govt. should have no difficulty in agreeing to most of it. But they have to yet to meet.

    So far he has called for all violence to stop and seemingly

    it has.

    But I disagree with your comment about the "Shame and brutality of China". The communist party is guilty of much, and yes, it has been brutal in the past, but when you say China you are talking of the Chinese people who are not to be blamed for the activities of the communist party. That would be like blaming the Americans for the Iraq war and the thousands who have died there. Isn't that a shame and brutal too?I don't blame my American friends for that.

    And as for likening protesters to Ghandi and King! Violence

    was not the way of Ghandi, and I am sorry, but what I have seen in the last few days does not impress me as non violence.

    Good Luck with your travels in Sikkim.

    Peace and Love

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  • This is all ridicolous the world has gone thorugh worse times and not cancelled the olympics, the olympics is more than a simple sporting event , it is the coming together of all nations and a temporary halt to all problems in this world and a rare opportunity for media scrutiny to be focused on glory as apposed to travesty

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  • Kojak
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    I am no big fan of China or her imperialistic policies. I believe Tibet should have an internationally monitored plebiscite and chose their own future.

    BUT......the Olympic games were created to "bring us together".... it is NOT a political should not be used as a weapon to promete foreign policy no matter how worthy the cause.

    Many athletes have trained all their young lives for this competition..... this , for many of them, will be their ONLY shot..... their one chance...... some young kid from Zimbabwe...... or young girl from Spain...... It can mean an education or a fame.... or because you want to make a hollow gesture that WILL NOT CHANGE CHINESE will rob them of their chance

    NO...... Leave the Olympics alone......find some other way of protesting .....I will even join you

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  • 4 years ago

    Fact: China has stated that they will not attack any sovereign nation. Fact: China does not invade and occupy other countries Fact: Tibet has a historical link to China and it was wanted back by emperors to finally Mao in 1950. Since then the Tibet people have more say in its countries internal affairs then anytime in its history. Before it was pretty much a monarchy type dictatorship. That the story about China choosing the living Buddha for them was taken out of context and smeared across the news in the states, when in fact it is the Tibet people who choose, the only approval comes from the government to make sure that the chosen living Buddhas are not internal trouble makers. Further, China recently completed passenger rail service to Tibet and is encouraging the world and the China people to visit. Fact: Taiwan was a province prior to Mao taking over and China wants it back under the one country, two government concept, exactly like Hong Kong. Fact: China has little military experience. The last time China invaded another country was post our involvement in Vietnam in the late 70's when they were giving China a lot of trouble on their southern border and China finally, after repeated warnings got fed up, invaded and left a month later with a firm warning that if they didn't stop, they'd be back, but next time it would be worse. Seems to have worked. Fact: China is modernizing its military because now they can afford too because their economy has improved to the point that they will no longer have to rob from the people to do so. Also, China two years ago said it would reduce its active military force by 1 million and met that goal a year ago. Fact: When China was hit by a series of devistating floods a year ago, they promised the people all the homes that were destroyed would be rebuilt by Feb of this year. These were brick and mortar homes that are common in China. They met that goal. Now, look at New Orleans and what has happened in 3 years. Fact: China has an election system in place at the province level. The president of China is then elected by their legislative system, much like it is done all over the world. Fact: While China has a one party system, they are slowly changing that. There are multiple parties withing China, albeit they are controlled by the ruling party. However, a non party member can now hold office as high as mayor. Only a few years ago that was unheard of. Fact: China does not fit the profile of a dictatorship or totalitarian. Look up both in the dictionary then get back and prove to me otherwise. Fact: China is slowly morphing into a federal republic democratic system at their own pace. Not the pace the west demands, but rather at a pace they feel is good for their country. Fact: China is not communistic since that is the polar opposite of Capitalism. Nor are they socialistic since China has a huge free market system. Doubt it, look it up in the dictionary and prove to me otherwise. Fact: China exports 21% of its products to us, the other 78% to the rest of the world. We export 5.3% of our exports to them but depend on them for 15.9% of our imports. Fact: I am an ex pat from the USA and live in the heart of China. Like all of you I believed the crap till I came here and saw first hand what it is really like here. I sure as hell wouldn't be living here if I knew what most of you say about China was true. Fact: What most people know of China would fit in a thimble, what most people THINK they know would fit in a barrel. Fact: China is little of what you think she is and much of what you want her to be. Should the west protest China in the Olympics? Flat out no, anymore then any country should protest another. This is about sports, or at least should be, not politics. Further, looking at our own dismal record in attacking and occupying two sovereign nations under bogus reasons, even lies, we have no place to criticize others till we clean up our own house. Internally, we have enough demons there too, like an incarceration rate higher then most, if not all countries, selling 35% to 50% of the world arms (China sells 3%) according to congressional as well as independent studies, etc. Peace Jim .

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    Western media are very good at charging Chinese government with "he said", "she said" type of unconfirmed accuses. Until this day, there is not a single proof of Chinese government opened fire. Or even "violently crackdown". While we have tons of proof(videos, photos, foreign eye witnesses) that the "peaceful" rioters were burning, killing on the streets. Along with tons of proof that how western media lied intentionally.

    Western Media started a propaganda campaign against China since 1949. It is why you don't really see any positive news about China. Too much biased garbage from news media. People grow up in such environment, and many naturally become China hater.

    Some examples of Western Media's daily sh1t













    Here is your real version of "peaceful" protest.

    (looting/burning shops/banks, beating people to death etc. type of “peaceful”)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Do a google search on Qing Dynasty map. Find 1000 of them if you like, you will always find Tibet on China's map back then. China only lost control of Tibet between 1912~1949 because of civil wars and WWII, and they took it back in 1949 when communists won the civil war.

    Also ask yourself this question, why there was never Tibet UN representatives before 1949?

    People are fed up with lies from mainstream media, which are really brainwash tools of a few powerful people with political agenda.

    What really happened in the past 2 weeks was,

    1. Some monks protested on 3/10

    2. Protest turned into a violent RIOT on 3/14. Many Tibetans targeted Han Chinese. They beat people up to death on the streets, looted and burned shops owned by Han Chinese. 19 Han Chinese were killed by Tibetans, many hundreds were injured and were sent to hospital.

    3. The government did not respond until half a day later (because they were paralyzed due to couldn't make decision on what to do right way)according to the only permitted foreign journalist.

    4. The government send in troops(because there are too few police, and Chinese police don't carry guns) armed with RIOT GEARs. You could see it in one of the pictures above. Troops/police had to form a shield wall to protect themselves against the stones from RIOTERs.

    5. Dalai Lama and his EXILED government all the way from INDIA pulled a number "140 people dead" out of their asses.

    6. Western media lied about everything and blame China for usual.

    7. Ignorant people who can't even point where Tibet is on the map shouted "FREE TIBET" because they think it makes them cool.

    That is about it.

    Source(s): James Miles, a journalist of Economists was at Tibet during the Riot. He said the following. (I guess watchdog agency forgot to block this interview from being published. But either way, all losers have already made up their mind of what "really" happened in Tibet. Nothing can change their mind besides hang them) & Some detailed history background of Tibet.(not a Chinese source) (Dalai Lama is a big liar, along with his western masters who used him for their anti-communist campaign.)
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    The game will go on with or without you. If you really want to boycott the game, you should swear publicly not to watch the game on TV as it begins on August 8, 2008.

    As to Dalai Lama, he will receive his fair sentence from his conscious and history.

    As to those riot monks, they will have enough time to be re-educated well to celebrate the game with rest of the Tibetan people.

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