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How long should i waite to test after implantion bleeding?

I believe i have experinced implantion bleeding but i am not sure. I come on my period around the 6th of evey month it is never late or irregular. My period last 6 to 7 days. I started bleeding on April 6th after intercourse. I notice the blood flow had some clear sticky stuff coming out with the blood and it was light bleeding. I had light cramps no breast soreness. My period was very light and lasted two days. on the second day real light redish/ pinkish blood was flowing out. On day 3 there was no blood at all just clear white sticky eggish stuff flowing out. I did a pregnancy test on day three it came back neg. Could i be experiencing implantion bleeding? Did i take the test to soon? Could i be pregnant? I get my period regular every month from the time i started my period at 11 now I am 26. My period all ways last 6-7 days. This is the first time something like this has happened. also every week befor my period starts i am always crampy with sore breast that did not happ this time

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    Try waiting a week and taking another test. Or you can go to your ob/gyn dr and get them to test you. They can take your blood and it usually determines if you're pregnant at an earlier stage.

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    hi! there's a great distinction between implantation bleeding and era. firstly, an implantation oftentimes occurs a week after ovulation together as era ought to ensue 2 weeks after implantation. Now, sessions have a development of being heavy in the start and then getting lighter and lighter and oftentimes final 5-7 days. Implantation bleeding is oftentimes in simple terms recognizing, lots lighter, doesn’t have that development and oftentimes lasts for at some point besides the shown fact that some women folk reported cramping and recognizing for some days. no longer all women folk might journey implantation bleeding.

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    i agree wait about 1-2 weeks and take a hpt test or go to the doc and get a blood test ....

    tk and goodluck

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