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Power Corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely?

I have a speech to do at school.

The topic is "Power Corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely"

Does anyone have any ideas on what i can right about?

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    Write about monetary policy. Write about manipulation of currency, exchange rates and corporate takeovers. The real story about the "absolute power" corrupting absolutely has to do with money, money and power, money and imperialism, money and politics, money and population growth, money and mind-control, money and religion, money and propaganda, money and war, money and immigration, money and global warming, etc. etc. etc.

    The real story isn't focused on the short-sighted attention pertaining to a political administration, no matter how corrupt they are. The real story is money and the absolute corruptible power it has.

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    People won't like someone or a group of people or a government being in absolute power. Being in absolute power, you could do anything you wanted. Since everyone is an individual, there will be mixed views as to whats right. Later, there will be less different views since every citizen is the same, then will come a revolution. That's why in our government, in order to keep in absolute power, they have to make sure most of the people have the views they want them to have. They use something called "propaganda", in which they use the media to influence peoples thoughts and actions on a certain subject.

    You should write about America's government and how corrupt it is. Research about the many things our governments abuse and what crimes our government committed throughout history. Make sure all the information is legitimate. Write about how regular Americans play a role in the governments greed.

    Sorry I can't give you too much of my information because I'm going to write an essay too ^_^

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    Yes ,without doubt , Just Look at the Vermin that Blair and his Low Life Cronies so called "New Labour" Corrupt , Corrupt , Corrupt

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    Take a nice long look at the Bush administration and executive powers and how he has lied, stolen, f--ed the constitution-all because people are apathetic. I think they might start to get it now that the economy is in a dive, has to hit them personally before they actually pay attention. Bush stole alot of his rhetoric and strategy from Hitler, the "terror" crap, fear tactics. Roveian lies, scary people, scary administration, scary that people dont care enough to take him to the Hague where he belongs.

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    Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Kim Jong Il, Dick Cheney. OoOps did I say that?

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