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長約1.6km的街道上林立著飯店、大型購物商場、土產品店及餐廳…等 。到了夜晚,演奏琉球民謠的俱樂部、居酒屋及牛排店等開始營業,氣氛顯得非常熱鬧。


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  • 婷婷
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    1 decade ago
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    Ryukyu whether one take a shower magnificent subtropical land of sunshine the whole year. The earth where the dark blue sea and flower are blooming! This indigenous Japanese island, is it hold sunshine and seabeach in the arms to take on to the limit, accept all sorts of exotic atmosphere to under one's command. Fascinating because of pleasant natural scenery in Okinawa, because of establishment of the American naval base more well-known. There is the marine world, there is dense and wild, there are Japan's traditional conditions and customs, there are U.S.A.'s classical fashions jungle here This is Okinawa - Known as Okinawa of four world sea bank sight-seeing resorts together with Hawaii, Miami, the Bahamas.

    The city builds and reaches during the 14th century at the end in the 13th century in the head, is the symbol of the kingdom of Ryukyu. Because after the war of Okinawa in World War II is destroyed by fire, rebuilt in 1992. The main hall regards bright red as the fundamental key, it is the largest wooden building of kingdom of Ryukyu, merge the design of unique building that China and Japan culture become. Various types of ornaments and extremely carve beautifullying. City park have a rest centre ' hall Du on the head ' in head at the same time, offer garden and peripheral culture message that historic site correlated with. There is Ryukyu to arrange the restaurant, and traffic the local products monopolized shop that make the goods by oneself in one.

    It is long to stand in great numbers in the hotel, large-scale shopping plaza, native produce shop and restaurant on the street of about 1.6km ,etc.. By night, playing the club of the Ryukyu folk rhyme, occupying the wine room and beefsteak shop etc. starts a business, the atmosphere seems very lively.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Liuqiu is subtropics a piece of whole year to bathe brilliant sunlight a land. The green jade blue ocean and fresh and blossomy earth! This native Japanese islet, not only exert sunlight and sea beach a Lan bosom to embrace, and still various an exotic mood accept to the troops. Okinawa island because of charming of nature tremendous and fascinating, more because the American naval base establishes and rise in the world. There is ocean world here, have a wild airtight bush, have Japanese traditional romantic feeling and there is American classic vogue ……this is Okinawa~with Hawaii, Miami, Ba admire the horse be together compared to four ocean strand Okinawa in the sightseeing spots in the world.

    The head mile city constructs in 13 centuries, end to 14 centuries,, symbolize for Kingdom in Liuqiu. Because the Okinawa war in the World War II rebuilds in 1992 after ising burned down. The main temple takes scarlet color as keynote, building building for Kingdom in Liuqiu the biggest wood, blending Chinese and Japanese culture and becoming of special building style. Every kind of adornment and carvings are extremely beautiful. Provide inside park in the head the mile city the park stop and rest the center"head mile Du building" in the meantime and the historic monument related information of the perimeter cultural. Also establish cuisine restaurant in Liuqiu, and sell a mile to self-make the local product monopoly store of merchandise.

    Stand up like a forest a hotel, large shopping market, the local product article store and restaurant on the street which grows about the 1.6 kms …etc.. Went to night, give musical performance the club of folk song in Liuqiu and reside wine house and steak store etc. to start doing business, the atmosphere seemed to be very noisy.

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