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who whould win this tag team match?

chico(tito) santana/rick martel vs brian kindrick/paul lunden

trevor murdock/lance cade vs terry funk/dustin runnels

hardcore holly/cody rhodes vs dusty rhodes/dick murdock

the new hart foundation vs brian/paul

the missing link/the boogyman vs umaga/dink the clown

john cena /paul orndorf vs the killer bees

the rockers vs the killer bees

kevin nash/sid justice vs gorilla monsoon/ big daddy V and

koko b ware/jyd vs shelton benjerman/kingston

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    Tito Santana & Rick Martel -- they were bigger, stronger, and more well-rounded wrestlers.

    Terry Funk & Dustin Runnels -- Funk could beat Murdoch and Cade by himself. Terry was one of the toughest guys to ever step into a wrestling ring.

    Dusty Rhodes & Dick Murdoch -- the Texas Outlaws were a great and feared team in their day. Holly and the younger Rhodes wouldn't stand much chance against them.

    Brian Kendrick and Paul London -- one of the best new tag teams since the Hardyz first appeared.

    Umaga & Doink -- Umaga is a great large brawler and the original Doink (Matt Borne) was a good wrestler in his own right.

    John Cena & Paul Orndorff -- Cena is a good strong brawler and Orndorff is one of the greats. The Killer Bees were good; Orndorff was better.

    The Rockers -- they were one of the best tag-teams of all-time.

    Gorilla Monsoon & Big Daddy V -- I don't believe neither Nash nor Sid could powerbomb either of these two "bo-hemoths". Monsoon and V have the size and Monsoon the wrestling ability. Nash and Sid were just brawlers.

    Koko B. Ware & JYD -- Koko was a good small wrestler and JYD was one of the greats, very tough and a good wrestler AND brawler. Benjamin is good but Kofi is still unproven.

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    Santana-Martel ) Funk-Runnels ) Rhodes-Murdock ) Hart Foundation ) Umaga-Doink ) Cena-Orndorf ) The Rockers ) Nash-Justice ) Koko-JYD

  • santana & rick martel (i loveee tito!!) :)

    this would be a good match but in the end... terry funk &dustin runnels. well idk. it could go either way.

    hardcore holly/cody rhodes vs dusty rhodes/dick murdock..this one is hard. i wouldn't be surprised if cody and holly beat (daddy)rhodes and murdock.

    the new hart foundation

    the missing link &the boogyman

    john cena &paul orndorf

    the rockers

    kevin nash & sid justice

    koko b ware & jyd

  • Strike Force

    Terry Funk & Dustin


    New Hart Foundation

    Missing Link&Boogeyman


    Killer Bees

    Monsoon's Team


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    Prbably Mike Tenay and Don West. yet i could fairly see Michael Cole and JBL handle Jerry The King Lawler and Jim Ross. The group of Michael Cole and JBL could win and that i could be rooting for them.

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