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how to make fake alcohol?

i am having my 14th birday party and all my friends want to drink, and i keep telling them i dont want to. ive finally come tot he point where i am going to make fake alcohol and watch them fake drunk and they wont realize it. how would i go about making this? please dont try to talk me out of it, i just need a recipe.

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    Boil real alcohol, allow to cool, then funnel back into the bottle.

    It will have the taste of booze but not the affect.

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    Fake Alcoholic Drinks

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    I think u should be careful there, most people can tell the difference between liquor and non-liqor. You could try non alcoholic wines. And non-alcoholic cocktails. But i'm a girl and 20 years old...i can tell if a drink has alcohol in it or not... the experienced people might call ur bluff

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    hahahahahaha this question makes me laugh...

    ummm fake alcohol....hahahahaha...oh man.

    Buy some O'Doul's or other N/A beer and pour them out of the cans into pitchers. That's really the only chance you got if these people know what alcohol tastes like (which they shouldn't cause your 14).

    Otherwise just use regular old punch or sprite or any drink that you like and just lie and tell people alcohol is in it hahahaha.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    For "fake vodka/wine", buy non-alcoholic vodka/wine. Also, most NA beers do contain some alcohol (but not more than .5% allowed by law).

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    A well-chilled tonic with lime can easily pass for a gin-and-tonic with lime. In fact, this was used in the "think-drink" psychology experiments that showed believing a drink is alcoholic can have more disinhibiting effect than the actual presence of alcohol.

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    Fill a vodka bottle with water (dechlorinated). If you have other liquor bottles, you can use food coloring to match the color of the booze. If you mix the "liquor" with fruit juice, you might not even have to flavor it with extracts.

    Try 1 1/2 C water, 2/3 C + 1 tbs sugar, 3/4 tsp peppermint (not "mint") extract and 1/2 tsp green food coloring. Heat and stir the water to dissolve the sugar. Pass it off as creme de menthe. You can uses similar recipes with brandy or rum extracts from the supermarket; omit the sugar, though with these. If you go to a specialty website, like spices etc., you can get other flavors. Their Grand Marnier is very close to the flavor of the real thing. You can also use orange zest to approximate liqueurs like triple sec. You should have bitter orange zest in the mix, though.

    Great stunt. I had it pulled on me once. Thought I was drinking very smooth vodka,

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    Funny Funny....hahaha

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    buy some sangria its a mexican drink that taste like alchohal with out the alchohal...but maybe your friends have had it and might realize it

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