You create a playlist...!?!?! (favorite/new songs)?

I am looking for new music...I am going to award 10 points to the person that puts together the playlist I like best, using the following rules:

The artist OR song must be:

A new artist or song OR

An up-and-coming artist OR

A not widely popular song or artist OR

1 of your favorite of all time songs

Genres to steer clear of:

Hard metal and hard rock



really Long songs

Music that I like (in no particular order):

Most Country

Some bluegrass and folk

Most Hip hop

Some Rap and r&B

Dance music

some techno

Some alternative (sister hazel, nickleback, creed, etc)

I enjoy guitar/acostic type songs

I enjoy songs with great lyrics

I enjoy songs with a great beat

What new and different can you introduce me to????

...please make sure that the song is not too obscure as I may wish to preview it on a file sharing site if I cannot find demos online, unless you have a clip to share.


A list of 5 to 10 artist/songs

Update 2:

I have a very large music collection that is varies largely......Remember that I am looking for a playlist- a list of different artists and different songs (5-10), not one specific person or genre, just new randomness I can add to my ipod- I will check out some of the artists already added!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Allow me to introduce you... to a guy named John Mayer. You may have heard of him through his overrated songs like "Waiting on the World to Change" or "Daughters". But if you go deeper, you will find music that meets a lot of your criteria:

    - Up-and-coming

    - A lot of genres... blues, pop, rock, he's all over the place, but always great.

    - Guitar/Acoustic

    - Always a nice beat

    - Amazingly poetic lyrics.

    I'll give you a taste of some of my favorite songs of his. But John Mayer sounds perfect for you.

    ---------------- ---------------- -------------------- ------------------- -------

    1. Heart of Life

    Youtube thumbnail

    ------------- ---------------- ---------------- ----------------- ---------------

    2. Why Georgia

    Youtube thumbnail

    -------------------- ------------------ --------------- ------------- -------------

    3. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

    Youtube thumbnail


    ---------------- -------------- ------------------- -------------- -----------------

    4. Split-Screen Sadness

    Youtube thumbnail

    ------------------- ----------------- ----------------- ---------------- -----------

    5. Love Song For No One

    Youtube thumbnail

    --------------- ------------------ ----------------- --------------- ----------------

    6. Gravity

    Youtube thumbnail

    -------------- ---------------- -------------- ----------------- --------------------

    7. Clarity

    Youtube thumbnail

    --------------- --------------- ------------------ ----------------- --------------

    8. Bigger Than My Body

    Youtube thumbnail

    ----------------- ----------------- ------------------- ------------------ ---------

    9. In Repair

    Youtube thumbnail

    -------------- ------------------ ---------------- ------------------ --------------

    10. 3x5

    Youtube thumbnail

    --------------- ------------------ ---------------- ----------- ---------------- ----

    11. Neon

    Youtube thumbnail

    --------------- ----------------- ------------------- -------------------- ----------

    Hoped you liked my free samples. JM is a really amazing artist and I think you would like him...

    And while you're considering Best Answers, remember that I spent thirty minutes putting that together.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    mos def, M.I.A., dead prez, outkast, immortal technique - rap

    acoustic/folky type music. all lyrical gods.

    jenny lewis

    rilo kiley


    bright eyes

    regina spektor

    langhorn slim


    brand new

    elliott smith

    gregory and the hawk

    jack johnson

    kimya dawson

    kings of leon

    maria taylor

    azure ray

    neva dinova

    the postal service

    the shins


    tom waits

    the white stripes

    AA bondy

    cat power




    iron & wine

    dancey type music

    gravy train!

    hot hot heat

    le tigre

    le shok



    hope you like some of them :]

    Source(s): my fabulous music collection.
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