Just bought a Comfort Glow Natural Gas Compact Fireplace 30" Consumer Report?

Hello, So I just picked this up for a sale price of $109 and It included the volcanic rock kit along w/ a flat black fireplace hood.

Brief Description:

26,000 -39,000 BTU

Heats up to 1,300 sq. ft.

8 concrete logs

Item #LDL3930NR

Comfort Glow Whispering Hills Oak Dual burner gas logs stove. It is thermostat remote controlled. Also has automatic shut off timer and child lock.

Now I'm am wondering if anyone has used these fireplaces or owns one from this company? Is this a reputable company? This seems like a "To Good to be True" deal on Compact fireplace.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    As good as they get, which isn't that great.

    I have a bias against gas fireplaces. Pound for pound they are the worst heating appliances on the market. They are the equivalent of pond scum when considering capacity, reliability, and repair costs.

    But they are pretty. They got that going for them.

    OK. I got that out of my system.

    $109 is a good deal. Particularly since it would probably wholesale around $850 to $1K.

    Install as you would any gas appliance. Make sure the t-stat you use is specifically "millivolt" rated. 24vac ones will work... 'til they don't.

    Don't deviate from the venting instructions either.


    On edit:

    Spoke a little hastily. This is a vent free model? Wholesale is less than I cited above, but still a good deal at $109.

    Install where you like, except a bedroom. I believe the mechanical code still prohibits vent-free in bedrooms.


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