Is it possible to ask a question in P&S that does NOT fall under the category of CHATTING?

According to Y!A's Guidelines, CHATTING is a violation. Reading this definition of chatting...(see site below)

"if you ask a question that can only be answered with personal information or PERSONAL OPINION [emphasis added], and about which only you and the answerer would ever care about, it is considered as chat. Similarly, if you answer a chatty question, you are also chatting. Questions such as "What was the last thing you did before going to bed?", "What is your favorite color?", "Why do I love *name of pop star*?", "Are you lonely?", "What would you do for a kiss?", etc. etc. Many of these are real examples, mostly taken from Polls&Surveys."

Soooooo.... keeping that in mind, Is it possible to ask a question in P&S that does NOT fall under the category of CHATTING? If SO... please give an example.

[note: some of you might remember a SIMILAR question I asked about this issue... it was deleted for CHATTING!]

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    The problem with this particular citation of Community Guidelines, however, is that in asking this Question *here* in Polls & Surveys you, Gentle Asker, might be implicitly raising a Double Standard. ^_^ No offense meant of course.

    Because the problem is with Yahoo's choice of and emphasis on the words "Personal Opinion" above. If you were to read and sample both Questions and Answers from any *ONE* of the following Categories, you could also assert that it wasn't possible to ask a Question *there* either without standing accused, falsely, of chatting:



    --Singles & Dating,

    --Religion & Spirituality,

    --Dream Interpretation,

    --Comics & Animation,

    --Jokes & Riddles,

    --Words & Wordplay,

    --Current Events.

    Why? Because as often as not, the Question is asking for an *OPINION*, from PEOPLE. How can an OPINION from a PERSON not count as a PERSONAL OPINION, as opposed to an Objective Fact (or even Opinions pretending to be such, like Wikipedia?)? This is especially true when it comes time for Askers in any of the above categories to choose a Best Answer. As often as not, the "Best Answer" that gets chosen is really just the first one-liner to *agree* with the Asker's implicit point of view. It's more subtle and sneaky than Polls & Surveys, but it's still the *same exact principle*.

    So, to answer your Face-Value Question: Yes, it's possible to ask a Question so bland and impersonal here on Polls & Surveys that *nobody* would construe it as chatting.

    And nobody would find it worth their time to answer it. I know this because I've *done* this, I've tried to ask non-chatty Questions and they don't *work*, I get two answers or less from folks just saying "idk" or "are you retarded"?

    And this is NOT just a problem in P&S. Not even. It's a problem in *Answers* that is at its most *obvious* here in P&S, we're just the Canaries in the Coal Mine here. There are LOTS of Categories in Answers (see list above) that are as bad as P&S if not worse than P&S is on chatting, trolling, and other violations. They don't get the negative attention because the audiences *elsewhere* are older, meaner, and more likely to *complain* to Yahoo repeatedly if abused, unlike so many of the young folks here in P&S.

    The chatting business hates on P&S because the trolls say so, that's all. It draws attention away from Politics, R&S and Singles & Dating where the real *festering piles* are. It keeps Yahoo busy *harassing kids more or less* while everyone else gets a free pass. It's the same sort of thing that happened with the Top Contributor Badges. Nobody at Yahoo Inc. wants to solve the trolling problems, so instead they just find the Next Reason To PICK ON P&S.

    Bullies, they suck, don't they? Especially billionaire bullies like Y! Inc. >_<

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    What are the eight wonders of yahoo's world? (Explain and justify.)

    When is a question not a question? (Explain)

    Who invented liquid soap and why? (Explain)

    For those who find these examples lack I point out that the explanations add to the knowledge base of Yahoo. The best answers in such a construction cannot be limited to the interest of only two people. Otherwise the charge of chatting may have merit. But if the explanation can bring wisdom to another then by Yahoo's own rules the quesion should stand.

    After all, who is to know what knowledge another person may need in the future and how if they simply type in the same questions they can save time by receiving the same answers.

    This is after all a reference site. A person could want to look up such questions.

    I recommend starting your questions "Explain..." from now on and see where that takes you. Good luck.

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    D) 20-30

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    There is no way, but what I would ask is there any way to even ask a question without getting deleted or reported. I don't think so and Yahoo thinks their reporting system and their guidelines are so good. They must not have finished school or they all are a bunch of nazis. And they pay these people????

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    Yes, of course.

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    1 decade ago

    i always get deleted for that.i dont believe its pssible.look at the page right

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    1 decade ago

    Were just having fun why not lighten up

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hey will you please stop all the gas bagging and ask a real question,i need to give a answer that is a conclusion ,not a reply,but apart from that how is the family

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    1 decade ago

    Possible maybe - not likely.

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