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CurlyQ asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

How do I stop my male dog from "marking" inside my daughter's house? Or keep hers from body slamming mine?

She has a female dog. My dog is fixed, but....

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    Marking is an instinct thing and your dog is just responding to another dog's habitat by putting his own mark on it. If the female is not spayed, that increases his urge to mark. The spray bottle thing works good and doesn't hurt them. I would also make sure he goes outside a lot to mark in safe places and follow up any discipline with a loud 'outside' and a trip there.

    The body slamming is a 'this is my house' thing, also instinctive. If the dogs are similar in size, there shouldn't be a problem - one or the other will react and determine who is the boss. It's annoying and you can try to stop it by separating the instigator from the room - the dog will hate being away from humans and other animals - as well as a loud 'stop' each time it happens, but that one may take awhile to end the behavior.

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    The body slamming is probably the way they play, the marking I would wonder if the female has marked inside the house as well and your dogs smells that and is just addin g his own scent in. nuetering him may help if he isn't already and there are covers for male dogs to stop them from marking.

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    You can get a spray bottle and fill it with water and spray your dog each time it goes to mark. The other thing you can do is keep him on a leash tied to your belt loops on your pants so he doesnt have free raom of the house. Is her female spayed? You can use the water bottle idea for hjer female as well when she "body slams" your male.

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    The body slamming is a dominence thing as well as a play thing. The female will dominate over the male and she is just reminding him of it. As for the other things they both need some obedience training.

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    I use belly bands to keep my males from marking when they are feeling territorial. I also keep a supply on hand for visiting male dogs. You can purchase them made to order on e-bay.

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    It sounds to me like they are both trying to dominate. I hope there is a behavourist on here tonite cause I don't know how to stop it so it will be interesting to see what someone who knows about these things says. Better not leave them unattended though.

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