dog left in a hot car. spanish speakers?

I am a mailman. I saw a Hispanic family who insisted that it is ok to leave their dog in this car in Florida with the windows rolled up with 2 inches only the window is rolled down. They do not speak english and I would like someone to point out to me where to find these rules and regulations in spanish. So that I can put it in their mailbox. I want them to know exactly that they are able to kill their dog like this. Please give me a good website

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    The first article on this page is a person who wrote to Dear Abby complaining about people who leave dogs in their cars on hot days. The response states that leaving animals in such conditions can be considered abuse and is illegal in many areas. This would be a good article to "copy/paste/print" for that family.

    * The article ends with the small line of separation

    Here is an article about the effects and tragedies of leaving a pet in a hot car. This is excellent information:

    I am glad that you are trying to do this for the family. Some people just do not realize how dangerous it is to leave an animal in that sort of situation. Just like it would be very uncomfortable for a human to be locked in a car on a hot day in Florida, imagine what it must feel like for an animal covered in hair. Anyway I hope that they will understand your good intentions. Best of luck to you!

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    i dont know a website but i would tell them this or write them this,

    Porfavor no deje su perro en el caro. Su perro puede sofocarse. Yo entiendo que deja la ventana 2 pulgadas avierta, pero no es sufisiente aire para un perro. Porfavor no deje su perro en el caro, si sigue, tendre que notificar a un official. Porfavor entiendan que pueden ser arrestados por lo que andan asiendo bajo la officina de crueldad y maltrato de animales.

    Translated : Please do not leave your dog in your car. Your dog can suffocate. I understand that you leave the window down 2 inches, but that isnt enough to let in the needed air for the dog. Again, please dont leave your dog in the car, if it continues, i will be required to notify an officer. Please understand that you can be arrested under the mistreatment of animals.

    sorry i dont have sum source! and imnot surprised that their hispanic. and if they dont speak english im guessing their still pretty new. Its because in mexico, animals arent treated with much kindnesss or respect. People often kick their dogs and dont really fuss over feeding them much either. i kno this because im mexican 2. ( but i love and respect animals) so they probably dont relize wat their doing is such a big deal. just try to let them know this.

    But the best thing to do is just call animal control so they relize wat a big deal this is here.

    hope dat helps!

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    I don't know of a good website, but I could help you translate the rules.

    Edit for Zayra: your Spanish spelling is atrocious, it makes it even difficult to understand. FYI not everyone treats their animals like you say in Mexico. There are many people like me, who love animals and do everything they can to stop their abuse. By the way, have you seen "Animal Cops" on Animal Planet? people are also very cruel and abusive in the US, unfortunately, it happens all over the world.

    Source(s): Spanish native speaker
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    Don't put your life and safety in any danger, make sure you have the exact address and call the Humane Society and give them the address. They will take care.

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  • Anonymous
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    Do things the old fashioned way and send them a letter

  • 1 decade ago

    thats so sad! threaten to call animal control! thats awful!

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