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R&S Addicts (a.k.a Regulars)........???

I know there's already been questions about how "bad" this site is (time wasting, lack of exercise and healthy meals, hate mail, etc etc), but what good thing has come out of this our addiction?

Vot can now type even faster without looking at the keyboard with fewer typos (because of regularly trying to answer questions as fast as possible with the lights out- roommate is sleeping)



Serena- I feel you; I get the feeling that Y!A is most interesting on the nights just before my tests/exams.....

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    Like yourself I can now type alot faster than I could b4. It has given me something to do. Being disabled can get extremely boring and make you lethargic all the time. YA has given me something that keeps the brain from going stagnant, it makes me read more, learn more,gaining knowledge that I can then share with people all over the world. I spend a lot of time on here answering personal e-mails, which is something I will never tire of.

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    I can live on no sleep at all and still work my 58 hrs a week. That is what Yahoo Answers has done for me. You young uns can't brag on that, can ya? LOL I think deep nose has a problem, maybe he needs a good nasal flush. Other than that I have met alot of brothers and sisters on here and feel we have a family unit of sorts. Looking forward to seeing all of you in the Paradise. My use of scripture is much better as is finding things in the Bible. Typing has really improved too. I am joking about the sleep. I get a little crazy now and then without good medication!! LOL.

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    It has sharpened my research skills and remembering where the scriptures are.

    I already type 98 words per minute, I'm not sure I can get much faster without wearing off the letters of my keyboard! LOL

    I like several different areas of Y/A, but in R&S it has given me some insight on how people think thus helping me to refine my teaching skills.

    It's also wonderful to see the unity of our brotherhood!

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    Well, I only really ever use the Internet at work, so therefore only really come here while I am at work...Which I guess shows that I really am not that busy.

    It as been nice to 'meet' other brothers and sisters here and they are more than welcome to e-mail or YM me and it as been nice to educate those that want to know about Jehovah's Witnesses and our believes.

    But we also have to be careful. There are apostates that come here and they try and knock us down and spread lies etc. I have to admit that sometimes I become defencive about The Truth and maybe act or reply in a manner that I should not do.

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    I Met Alot Of Bros & Sisters On Here.But Granny Im Worried About You, You Need Sleep For Many Reasons, And as A Nurse You Know That. Please Except Our Love And Get Some Sleep.

  • Vot, if I did not go onto this site, we would never have met and to grow closer as a family. I met many others on here and we email each other. I also get to tell people about Jehovah Witnesses, because many people don't know enough about us and listen to lies about us. but I don't stay on here all day. I have alot of studying to do and housework and spending time in the field service and spending time with my son and daughter and my friends.

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    getting better use of my scriptures, learning my scriptures better.

    Like you picture. changed mine last week too. Got to #4 last week, that was cool.

    Appreciate using the Societies publications, learning where thing are quicker. Becoming more effecient at door. Because of Cancer only get out just a small amount of time on Sat when hubby home to take me.

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    It's been an educational experience not only for myself, but for others as well.

    As long as we live, humans never stop learning. I have so enjoyed the input of my brothers and sisters answers on things that I'm familiar with, but not as knowledgeable on.

    The scriptures are correct in saying that "iron sharpens iron"

    Keep up the good work everyone.

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    I don't see how this site is bad.....

    I can't count how many people with serious problems I've helped.....

    People who's friends who are addicts, alcoholics, those who have been dumped, who are in love, who needs somebody to remind them that there's still some good in this world and who need somebody to keep them steady.....

    The list goes on, but the fact of the matter is that this a site that helps those in need, and the regulars aren't sad, their kind-hearted, helpful people, and how dare you disrespect them for helping those in need!!!


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    I know some really cool atheists and I know how to spell atheist. I had never even hear of ceiling cat or FSM before I came here either.

    now that is useful crap.

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