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Do u speak mandarin?

i have a friend that would like to know ppl who speak that language..:)


yu tiq tian!

Update 2:

yes ill tell her:)

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    im very sorry to dissapoint you, but i only speak English and a small bit of Spanish. all i know about this place you call 'Mandarin' is that their oranges are really good.


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    I am a caucasian male from upstate New York

    I use Mandarin to speak with my wife She is from Shandong

    I teach my two daughters the language.我喜欢讲普通话

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    Yes, I'm not mainland chinese but I speak mandarin quite well and scored pretty well in Mandarin when I was in the schooling years.

    Source(s): I'm from Singapore and a Taiwanese decent.
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    Yuhp, I even read and write Mandarin and it is the number 1 language in the world :)

    Source(s): I'm from an American, Chinese, and Hispanic decent
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    我会讲国语,但我任字不行. Does your friend know how to read/write Chinese Characters? I have grade 3 writing/speaking; I've lived in China for 3 years and learned a bit.

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    I have a basic fluency in Mandarin because it is the language of my parents.

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    You will find a huge community of native-Mandarin speakers as well as learners at:

    An excellent resource for learning Mandarin.

    Also check out:

    A forum for learners and natives alike.

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    I can. And I also teach and provide translation services in mandarin.

    Is your friend interested in getting help with his mandarin?

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    I do and I can also read and write in Chinese. Who would like to start a conversation with me?

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    I dont but my 10 year old sister is learning!

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