What happened to the families that lived where the State of Israel is now located?

I suppose there were Arab families -- men, women and children -- who lived there prior to the establishment of the State of Israel by the UN. I supposed there were people who had lived in the same houses and who had cultivated the same fields for generations before 1947. What happened to them? Were they kicked out of their houses and out of their landed properties? Is that why the neighboring Arab countries started to attack the artificial nation as soon as it was created?

Feel free to correct me but please give me facts.

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    For the last 60 years the Palestinian Refugees are living in a United Nation Refugee Camps waiting for UN to implement the UN Security Council resolutions. For the last 60 years Israel conducts collective punishment and state terror against the Palestinian Refugees.

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    They were all pushed across one border and then another and then finally across the Lebanese/Syrian border and the Lebanese got the responsibility of taking them in and having to deal with them. We also got the consequences of all of this in repeated attacks and occupation by the Israelis who think they're doing us favors.

    We really would like that they return to their homes - and that we be left in peace in Lebanon. They'll be happy and so will we. And it's high time for the Israeli's to own up to their responsibilities of letting them back to the land of their birth and ancestry!

    P.S. there's a good book about the Irgun and the Stern Gang - terrorist organizations if there ever were any. They terrorized the Palestinians into fleeing. And no one ever wants to talk about them - but they were real and produced a number of future "leaders" of Israel.

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    No dear boy. It's the Arab countries refusing to recognize Israel's right to exist, given to it by the United Nations. End of story.

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    Jewish terror groups Irgun and Lehi massacre Arab villagers of Deir Yassin located on Jerusalem-Tel Aviv road. News of massacre creates panic among other Palestinians, who flee former Palestine at onset of first Arab-Israeli war.

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    The Palestinians who lived in Israel at the beginning of the new state were asked to stay. In fact many Palestinians did stay and live pretty good. The leaders of the Palestinians told their people to leave and go to refuge camps in Lebanon for political reasons where they live in squalor because their leaders will not allow them to assimilate with the Lebanese.

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    Read the book "oh, Jerusalem!" It goes a long way to explain just what happened during the partition and the recognition of the state of Israel. No kidding! Damned good book!

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    Some stayed. Many left.

    Jurgen is off by a factor of about six. There were fewer than 2 million people in the entire area of the Mandate of Palestine in 1948, so it would have been quite difficult for 5 million to have left. The total number of refugees was around 750,000.

    Blue Xull is mistaken. Virtually no Jews left.

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    you've almost got it right, just the order is a bit wrong.

    the arab villages who accepted the partition plan and accepted the establishment of the jewish state and did not fight it, remained in their villages and towns and their decendants live there to this very day.

    the attack by the neighbouring arab countries and by some arab villages and towns who opposed the establishment of israel came is what led to israel having to fight for its survival and during this war some arab villages and homes were abandoned.

    at the same time jews living in muslim countries had to flee, leaving their homes and properties which were taken by their arab neighbours.

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    I was born and I live in Israel. I live in a town called Ashkelon. There are Palestinians and Bedouins living all over Israel. They live in small villages as well as big cities and everything else in between. There are cities in Israel where there are larger concentrations of Palestinians living along side Israelis. Some of those cities are Naharia, Akko, Haifa, Jaffa, Ramla (not to be mistaken with Ramallah), Lod and Beer Shiva, just to name a few. There are also Palestinian farmers scattered about.

    In 1948, when Israel became a state, many Palestinians were frightened for their lives and fled to Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt, among other countries.

    When I was little, we used to live on a farm near Ashkelon.

    Seven miles away was the Palestinian town of Ashkelon. My parents told me that before 1948, they used to go to Ashkelon for shopping and groceries, but after Israel became a state, the residents of Ashkelon fled to Gaza, which is also 7 miles further south.

    The town was abandoned, and a couple of years later, Israelis began moving in. However, until today, there are still a few Palestinians living here. I live at the edge of the town, and I have an agricultural field in front of my house. All the farmers who work there are Palestinians.

    I don't know that there was actually any reason for all those people to leave, other than fear because of the new government and new people migrating in very large quantities from foreign countries.

    Nonetheless, as I have repeated, I am Israeli, my grandmother was born in Bethlehem in 1893 and her mother was born in Hebron before that. Therefore, there are Israelis who can trace back their ancestry in this country for centuries.

    This is what I know from first hand information.

    EDIT: The link HopelesZOO provided you with is undeniably correct. There was a huge and uncalled for massacre in the city of Deir Yassin. in 1948.


    M. Miche ; })

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    Google "Occupation 101". You can watch the documentary on YouTube. Below is the link to Part 1


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