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I like this girl and she knows, we talk now and then but I really wish I could get a chance to prove to her that I care about her. I asked her out a couple months ago and she said it wouldn't work, now a lot of time has passed, I cannot keep tourchering myself like this over her, I'm going to ask her if she wants to go get a bight to eat, "I really want to get to know you better so I was wondering if you would like to get a bight to eat" Does that sound fine? If she say's it's not going to work then I think I'm just going to tell her that I actually really care and I just wanted a chance to prove to her that I like her but if she doesn't want to give me a chance then thats fine. Do you think that would be a mistake? Seriously, I really like her but I got to make it clear that I really like her and I don't want to go on just talking once in a great while, I hope she understands if it comes down to that:(

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    She told you months ago it wouldn't work, and odds are she still feels the same way.

    What She Says: "It wouldn't work."

    What She Means: "I'm not attracted to you but am trying to let you down gently. Please stop bothering me about this."

    Cut your losses and move on, plenty more skirts out there to chase.

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    I 100% agree with sarah.

    If you dont get a positive response after asking her a second time, i'd say forget about her. It might be hard but face it, some girls just won't give guys a chance.

    Make sure she also doesn't have a boyfriend, i mean you probably know from working with her but there are a lot of people at my work who probably have no idea that i'm in a relationship, being that i don't bring my personal life to work.

    Just ask her out again, see how it goes, and if it doesn't work, look at it this way: HER LOSS!

    find someone that will appreciate you.

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    If she has told you no once, then i'm not trying to hurt your feelings but being a girl, I know when we say things like that, it usually means that they are not interested. The best thing you could do is give it one more try, and if she declines again, i'd call it quits and try to forget about her. I had my days of "chasing people down" and the only one that was affected in the end was me. I chased too many guys around hoping that someday they would change their mind but it never happened, so i wasted time stickin around rather than using it to find someone who truley cared.

    If you say "i really do care about you" and all of that after she says no a second time, it might come off a little strange and she'll probably feel a little weird. I mean if you ask her out twice it's obvious you care about her. You should say "listen, ______, i really really do care about you and i wanted to get to know you better. Maybe you said that it wouldn't work out the first time, but if you give me a chance to take you out for lunch on ______, we might find we have a lot in common and things could work out between us." or something along those lines.

    If she declines again, i'd say do your best to move on, some people just don't "click" :-/ but best of luck to ya!:-]

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    Hate to tell to you this, but it is NEVER a good idea to tell a girl who you know doesn't feel for you how you feel so bluntly. You'll make her uncomfortable and when women are uncomfortable they try to get comfortable and that means leaving your presence. They are attracted to strength and a little bit of mystery. Don't seem too desperate or you will turn them off and they'll look for someone more interesting. Don't be so open around them and they just may get curious of what's inside. My advice is next time you're around her just be cool (definitely don't be too friendly). In fact be a little bit of a jerk to her and when she looks at you with that surprised look, flash her a quick smile and then take it away. This will show her that there's more to you than what's on the surface and pique her interest.

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    Well, as it is you aren't getting anywhere.

    People have so many possible reasons for responding certain ways, it's so hard to tell. She could just not be interested, and that's her way of telling you. She could think you want more than she's willing to give. She could have had past bad experiences with boys/men (don't know your ages) and is scared of another one. She could be gay. I

    guess you won't know until you come right out and ask her.

    But, she's only told you that once, so maybe she won't again.

    Asking her out for a bite to eat, andto get to know her, sounds good, though. Good luck. :)

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    Okay. Maybe she doesn't like you. I'm sorry but if she's knows that you like her than that's a possibility. It's either that or she could be waiting for you to make the first move. Just go up to her casually and ask her if she'd like grab a bite to eat like you planned. but wait to tell her that you want to get to know her better until either she asks Why you want to go eat or when your already sitting down eating.

    i hope it works out for you and that she does like you!

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    Sorry but, she turned you down before and she'd most likely turn you down again. She said it herself to you the first time that "it wouldn't work."

    Find another nice girl who will actually say yes to hanging out with you and not blurt out something so horrible to you. No girl in her right mind would never say something so harsh to a guy she doesn't know.

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    aww that's really sweet! im sure she'd really like it if you took her out for lunch. But yeah, you cant waste your days thinking of what it would be like. I just think of it this way. Its 50% a yes. or 50% a no. And if its a no you guys can still be friends. But many people just get scared because they dont wanna loose their friendships.

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    If you want to show her that you care, then buy her a present. Give her the present and say something like "I really like you and care about you alot. I was wondering if you wanted to go to dinner with me friday"or whatever day you want.

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    If you like her, let her know, but don't seem desperate... big turn off for girls.

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