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Do you judge people based on their musical preferences?

For instance, if we had never talked and I told you I adored My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Bullet For My Valentine, what would your reaction be? (By the way, I do NOT adore these bands)

Have you ever been judged based on your musical preferences? Elaborate.

How do you feel about this? Is it correct to judge someone based on their music? Or should you take time to get to know them?


Iron Ike: I know, I am. But that's what judgement does to me. Because honestly, I DO care what other people think of me. I actually am a fan of MCR, but most people here know that. The other too...blech, tehe. And I agree, like is much deeper than what I have on my iPod. However, I tend to form relationchips based on music, because music plays a large role in my life.

Deke: Don't be ashamed, I do too. And thank you for being honest. By the way, I'm not saying anyone else isn't being honest.

Update 2:

Julia: Haha, I'm a dork too! Woooooo for dorks!

Shades: Yes, categorize is a better word. Judging sounds a bit harsh to me anyway.

Update 3:

Jake: You're not mean : ) Although, thinking lowly of people is kind of harsh. I agree with your feelings on the MTV mainstream stuff. I'd probablly just be dissapointed in the person though.

MTV kills good music :'(

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    Honestly, at first I do. But not in the way you mean.

    Like if I saw two people, one wearing a Chiodos shirt and the other wearing a FOB shirt, the one in the Chiodos shirt would grab my attention first. However, if the Chiodos kid was making fun of people and being mean, I'd rather hang out with he FOB kid.

    I don't know, I guess this isn't really a big deal for me because I've accepted the fact that not everyone likes thesame type of music, although anyone that likes the same music as me, well, it gives us common ground, ya know?


    And yes, I have been judged based on my musical preferences. One look at me and most people reach one conclusion- bad seed. The irony is, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Honestly, I'm the biggest goody-twos shoes you'll ever meet. I'm a huge mathlete and I couldn't steal something or vandalize something if my life depended on it.

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    Yes, I'll admit it - I do. I try not to, but when someone over the age of 15 tells me they like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy, I tend to wonder what's wrong with them. That's music is for teenagers who don't know better yet. I do try to reserve full judgment until I know people better. Generally, though, people I meet who don't like the music I like (rock, alternative and old-school punk, mostly), who don't branch outside of the mainstream, are not people I connect with. I'm the same about movies and books, too. Call me a snob, but I really do think you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. IT doesn't mean I won't be friends with a person who only listens to top 40, but I'd never feel we had that much in common. It's happened, so I do know the feeling.

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    I do. I am actually pretty much a loser and I have my own "cool" scale in my mind. Therefore based upon what is cool to me I figure out where people fall on that scale. Music taste is a big part of that scale. If I know of a random stranger who has an amazing music taste they automatically get put higher on the scale even if I have no clue what they are really like. I just assume that they are very cool.

    Hm....but what about the other way around? I don't think I judge people as a worse person if their taste is terrible. My taste is far from where I would like it to be. Compared to many on here it's disappointing but I don't judge myself based on it.

    My feelings? I think it's okay but that is indeed coming from a little shy girl who has no life other then her music. It's better then judging someone based upon race, their religion beliefs, or gender right? In my views...yes. However I do not judge someone badly if their music taste is not as I would prefer.

    But no matter what in any situation it's always good to get to know a person. Harmlessly judging people because they have good/ bad music tastes is not bad. Emily approves. =]

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    I don't judge people on their musical preference. I judge people on how they act when talking about music. If you loved those bands, but weren't psycho about it or thought your tastes were superior, I would be totally cool with you. I have a close friend who loves those bands, but she's respectful about it, so we're fine. If I met someone who loved the same music that I do, and they acted superior, I wouldn't like them.

    People have judged me, yes. I have very eclectic tastes, and people seem to think I just pick a random group and say I like them to fit in. They don't seem to realize that I don't care what other people think about me. I do, to some degree, but not when it comes to music. Music is my main passion, it's my therapy, and my heart sinks when I can't find my music. So, yeah, I get really annoyed when people challenge my musical preference. Take time to get to know someone before you judge them, it should always be that way. No matter what it is, music, clothes, weight, race. It should never matter. I have all kinds of friends, it's insane. Goths, skaters, potheads, preps, doesn't matter, as long as there's a mutual respect for who the other person is.

    Sorry, I went into a rant. I said more than I wanted to, but it makes my blood boil. Haha. Ryan was gonna say something similar, but he's too lazy.

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    NO that would be silly given the broadness of my tastes. Tool and Matchbox 20? I have always thought that if I don't like a band, its only a reflection on my tastes. My oldest is a total metal head who loves the Spice Girls! LOL!

    I think its just wrong to judge someone like that. Look at all the cool people in R&P. Few have my taste in music, but I have met some of the most awesome people here!

    Edit: Iron Ike, you weren't here for " Project Black Parade" were you? I can understand her desire to point out that she isn['t a crazed fan.

    I knew that already though :)

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    Unfortunately, it usually tends to be at par with how I already see that person based upon initial reaction.

    For example, I see some scrawny kid walking down the street in an over-sized sweatshirt and skinny jeans and I think, "Hey, that kid's a loser."

    Then, he takes off his sweatshirt, and I see he's wearing a Bullet For My Valentine t-shirt. Then I think, "Hey, that kids' a loser."

    For the same reason I'm generally not surprised when I see a post titled "*xDoX yOuxlIkex aNyx oF thExse baNDXs.??*" made by poster "xxXxxScreMethrU URE thr0AtxxXxx" and I click it only to find the most expected of bands listed.

    Then again, in all fairness, me, being 19 year old girl who dresses classy and preppy and who doesn't drink or smoke, doesn't quite fit the assumed description of someone who would listen to Skinny Puppy, Opeth, Dead Can Dance, and :wumpscut:

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    I don't. Others try to judge me based on my musical taste but they just get confused. I like Mozart and Metallica. I like Miles Davis and Frank Zappa. I like classical, country, punk, metal and jazz but I most often listen to 'mainstream' rock and roll (whatever that means).

    So many people are so busy using music as a fashion statement that they forget to actually listen to it.

    Most people who say that they like music don't have the first clue about what the music is all about and don't spend any effort at all trying to get into it, they merely recognize it and use that recognition as an emblem of membership into some kind of imaginary group.


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    well, if you told me you liked MCR and FOB, i would punch you. but if you said you liked B4MV, i would hug you! :)

    ok, on with my answer!

    yes, at the beginning of the school year (freshman year) i was wearing a band tee to school, and a girl complemented me on it, so we started talking and we kinda became friends, so i met a few of her friends, and we all had the same music taste (my taste has changed since then, so not anymore) so here i was, with this big group of friends, all because i wore a band- tshirt. as the year went on, they all started ignoring me, i think because i don't like MCR :)

    sorry if that made no sense!

    i think it is wrong, although i have a couple friends due to our similar music tastes, we have other stuff in common, and know each other pretty well.

    no, it is incorrect to judge someone on their music taste, if the girls at the beginning of the year hadn't done that, i might've made some other friends, and i might have some now

    Source(s): EDIT: oh wait! i forgot to answer if *I* judge people on their taste. i guess if someone has amazing music taste, that's like really similar to mine i would probably try to befriend them
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    "... if ... I told you I adored My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Bullet For My Valentine, what would your reaction be? (By the way, I do NOT adore these bands)"

    ^^^You're already worried about what people may think about you!

    It makes no difference to me, personally. Me and my roommate had similar tastes for rock, but he hates rap, which I love. Then he started listening to metal, which I hate. It doesn't change my perception of him, though. Life is MUCH deeper than what you have on your iPod.

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    I admit that I do. It's not good of me to, but i think that's just how us humans roll. We judge people on their appearences or musical interests before we get to know them. If you told me that you listened to MCR or FOB then i'd probably get the impression, based on the way you said it, that you either were just into that music genre or were a girl crazed fan.

    I have been judged based on my musical preferenes and most people have ended up being surprised. I'm into indie,alternative,old school rap, metal, electro/techno,etc.. and most people may not have thought that about me.

    In genereal, I don't think it's right to do this and you should take time to get to know them, but that's just the way society can be.

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