When do babies graduate from stage 1 to stage 2 baby food? What's the difference?


Sorry- I should add, that my baby is 7 months- soley breastfed. I try to make my own food. She eats mashed avocado, homemade apple sauce, and gerber organic bananas, as she chokes on the ones I try to make. I started her at 6 months on food and it took a good month for her to be able to swallow. She seems to be doing better, and it eating carrots now (homemade and gerber). I'm unsure though, when I can expand her foods, and since she's so slow at this solid food thing, is it such a good idea to move to stage 2? I'm running out of ideas of foods to puree for her, so I'm hoping I can move her onto stage 2.

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    it depends on the brand that you are using we were using Beech-Nut baby foods for our son and the difference between the stage 1 and stage 2 were portion, age(stage 1 is from about 4 months and stage 2 is from about 6 months and stage 3 (if you use these) is from about 8 months(or per your doctors recommendation) , more of a variety from stage one to stage two and the stage 2's are thicker

    My son preferred the stage twos over the stage ones. We switched over to regular food per our doctors OK when my son was 11 and a half months old.

    We still use some of the baby stage threes(like the breakfast or dinner ones) if we are going away for the day but our son usually eats what we are eating now which saves on money. If you are unsure when to change ask your doctor for advice. They will let you know

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    When do babies graduate from stage 1 to stage 2 baby food? What's the difference?

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    Graduate Baby Food

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    Stage 2 jars are for babies about 6 months and up (depending on developemental milestones also). They're supposed to be a tad thicker and they're larger portions also. This might be helpful to you:


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    Stage 2 foods are a thicker consistency to encourage chewing and should be introduced at around 7 months. But....why is everyone giving their babies jarred baby food? babies at 7 months can eat what the rest of the family eat only mashed with a fork or blender to a lumpy texture. This way you know exactly what the baby is eating and it encourages the baby from the start to take normal food and not be fussy eaters later in life.

    Manufactured baby foods are full of preservatives etc so why not make your own? it is cheaper and much healthier, just a thought?????

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    Portion size and types of food are different... Like stage 1 only has apples, bananas, prunes, peaches and pears... But stage 2 in one (bigger) jar you can have apple/grape/plum or mixed berries or garden vegetables or stuff like that.

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    Portion size is the only difference between 1 and 2.

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    the amount of food is the only difference... the jar should say what age your baby should be to go to the next stage

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    7mnths is the time to change to stage 2....The stage 2 jars are a bit more lumpier so babys have to chew them a bit more, my health visitor said to start exactly on 7mnths cos if u start later than 7mnths u may find they wont take solids or they may take it harder...

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    stage 1 food is puree almost liquify food and stage 2 has some lumps in it as a build up to them eating finger foods and such..its got more texture

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