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First time grilling BBQ chicken breasts... any tips?

I'll be making six boneless breasts. I have a gas grill. Is it better to put them in some tin foil? Do I close it, if so? Or do they go on the rack...?? How long?? What temp?? Thanks!

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    If I haven't marinaded them, then I rub them on both sides with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper. I cook them on high, until they are nicely browned on both sides. They are always cooked perfectly by the time they are browned..never over or under-cooked.

    You mentioned they are boneless, so they tend to cook quickly. No need for foil or parboiling. (I always use foil when cooking bone-in, to ensure it's cooked all the way through).

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    Here's a foolproof way to get delicious boneless chicken breasts every time. First, lightly coat the boneless chicken breasts with olive oil (or spray with Pam for Grilling). This will help with searing and keep them from sticking to the grill. Then season with a nice rub, or just salt and pepper if you prefer.

    Many recipes recommend grilling boneless chicken breasts over a direct medium fire (350°F to 375°F) on a covered grill. Start the grill on high for about 10 minutes to get the grilling surface searing hot, then reduce the heat to medium, and grill with the lid closed.

    For grilling times we use the cookout calculator at charcoalbob.com. Enter the thickness for the various boneless chicken breasts. It will calculate the grilling times and give you instructions for when to put on and turn them so that they all come off the grill at the same time, grilled to the desired doneness (160°F).

    After grilling, allow the boneless chicken breasts to rest for 5 minutes. This will keep them nice and juicy.

    At our house, we also like to put a little of our favorite bbq sauce in a dish to use as a dipping sauce, like you would for shrimp cocktail.

    Hope this helps.

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    Be careful because the skin and bone help to keep the meat from drying out. Wrapping them individually in foil packets will help. Try putting onions or squash or some other veggie in the packet to add some additional moisture. Preheat the grill to medium heat, place the packets on the grill and close and cook 10-12 minutes, longer if they are bigger. Try not to open the grill or the packets during the cooking process (that is the hardest part for me because I like to see everything cooking)... Best of luck!!

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    I spray them with a non-stick butter flavored cooking spray and apply a dry bbq rub. Then I sear them for about 3-4 minutes per side. This won't cook them all the way through however, so then I bake them off in the oven at 350 degrees for about ten minutes, brushing them with bbq sauce with five minutes to go. If you ever cook them on a charcoal grill, you can move them to the side to bring them up to temp instead of baking them off in the oven

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    No foil, no rack. The rack is to warm buns, or whereyou move cooked food to keep it warm.

    Just grill over medium heat. Do not press or squeeze. Don't overcook. If they are thawed, they won't take over 6-8 min. per side. They are done w/ meat is opaque and juices run clear (not cloudy).

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    I would actually par boil them first as chicken can tend to cook fast on the outside, but not so fast on the inside. Rinse off, put in boiling water in a pot on the stove for about 30 min. Then on the bbq. I would cook them at medium heat, with the lid closed, for about 30 min, as you have already boiled them for 30 min. If you like, after par boiling, let them set a few minutes in bbq sauce before putting on the grill. You can cook them in foil, however, I would put them right on the grill for a few minutes just before done. Hope this helps. Happy grilling

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    Medium-low heat. Close the lid. Cook low and slow. Don't turn them frequently, just turn them once, or as needed for flare ups. Use some cooking spray on the grill.

    If you use high-heat, they will burn. If you try to turn them before they cook a bit, they will be stuck to the grill.

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    put them in a foil bowl until they are done. that will help cook thru to the middle. after you know that they are done in the middle remove from foil and place one the rack and sear them for a few min. to get that good open flamed taste going. as you sear you might want to add more BBQ sauce on them to cook on the meat as well. you want your grill pre-heated on high. when you put the meat on turn it down to med-low heat.

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    oil the racks w/ a brush internal temp of the breasts should be about 160 when you remove them , the temp will rise slightly to around 165-170 after being pulled . marinate them or flavor inject to prevent dryness

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