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Can you translate? فتاوى شيعية تحرم سب الصحابة?

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Can someone please translate the key points? I don't want a literal translation, but just the key points... It might help in calming some people down... I'm sorry ...show more
Update : Thanks, but I was referring to the translation of the content in the link ...show more
Update 2: My point is that insulting Al Sahaba is in no where part of the Shiaa ...show more
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Shiaa's Fatwas (teachings) forbid insulting the companions of Mohammed
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  • HMS answered 7 years ago
    No Muslim with or without Fatwa, or especially without knowledge should ever Insult the Sahaba. For one, the enemies of Islam existed even then, and they would have said or done any thing to harm Islam especially after the Death of Mohammed (SAW). Wa Allahu Alem!

    Shiaa Fatwas against the insults of the Sahaba.
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  • £ºV€ Hü®T§ §º answered 7 years ago
    This dialogue for allowing Mr. Hussein Fadlallah
    Samaha denied Mr. Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah Lebanese Shiite authority in the third Mkashifath insults the Companions of the Messenger of God's peace be upon him, and mothers who believe God Radwan them all, and said that the insult is a deviation from the original Islamic line. Turning to the disclosure of some of the views of Mr. Samaha Fadlallah issues raised internal Shiite curse other Shiite leaders, which issued some opinions misinforming Mr. Fadlallah, and commented that these opinions are still issued against him because of jurisprudence and moderate views. Fadlallah called on the Sunnis and Shiites to dialogue directly because it claimed to create the ground for dialogue psychological intellectual and mental development, and responded precautionary discourse on the issue, said that books printed thousands could not fall within the precautionary principle, the details of virtue:
    • I will start this episode Mr. Samaha axis Prime interval on the subject of the difference between Sunnis and Shiites, cursed and intended theme Companions of the Messenger of Allah curse peace be upon him, Allah Radwan them all. Do you see these cursed and insulted the prophet honored, including Abu Bakr, Omar and Aisha Radwan them God?

    Matter moving through accumulations historical and personal interactions, as we find that there are some Shiites of justifying the insult and Cussing, we find that there are some of our brothers from the Sunni from the Shiite Ikvron until I heard from some Jews and Christians better Shiites

    -- I personally deprive any Sahabi was insulting, because God Almighty spoke of the prophet) Mohammed Messenger of God, who with able-bodied to see them infidels else, including Rkaaa prostrate want regardless of the bounty of God (But when we talk about the issue of succession and imamate We have the opinion of the unknown. For the token has said that this denied to any Muslim, and I put this in a referendum me: that the ratios denied any Sahabi including the Righteous Caliphs, and I convey a word about the Imam Ali peace be upon him when he was on his way to grades and heard folk people, the people of Iraq Lisbon Sham said «I hate you that you Sbabin, but if You mentioned their actions and what they have been correct in saying reported in the excuse and you place them plunger Inject God and our blood is spilled and the fittest of us and them, and guide them from error even know right from the ignorant, and desist from cancelled and aggression of the town ».
    This text is in the approach rhetoric, as well as I would like to convey in this area on the way forward with the caliphs who Shiites believe they are the ones who afforded him. He says in a rhetoric in writing to the people of Egypt «What shocked only Ancial people to Abu Bakr Evalonh MD hands even if Wright attributable people have returned from Islam calling for Mohammed's religion is right that I did not Vkhchit Back Islam and its people to see where Thelma or be destroyed by misfortune the greatest cost of your belongings, which is a few days leave them still Mirage or as long as Itakeca clouds got in those events even gone wrong, and sure enough religion and Tnhenh ».
    Therefore, we say we walk the question Righteous also marched by Ali bin Abi Talib peace be upon him, which was open to them and had assisted them and refer all of this sense of the word, and there is talk of Imam Jafar Sadeq addressed some of the Shiite Muslim «What more is the satisfaction of people you , Stop your languages them ». He used to say: «To Denis Abubakar twice». The mothers of the believers, we deny Sabhn, even if Aktan in the case of war-Jamal. We must Akramhn sake of the Messenger of God, and I quote from a poem beta scientists deceased one hundred years ago and named Mr. Mohammed Baqir argument Islam. Says:

    How Hmira casting for Muharram appointed A. appointed honours

    Did you mean this (above)
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  • Violet ♥sunshine♥ answered 7 years ago
    fatwa from Shia's says insulting Sahaba is Haram

    edit : sweetheart , it is from thier belief
    they say the prophet has 1 daughter >>>>>>is not that insult ???

    they say Umar (r.a) killed Fatima(r.a) , is not that insult ???

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  • Can you translate? فتاوى شيعية تحرم سب الصحابة?
    Can someone please translate the key points?
    I don't want a literal translation, but just the key points...

    It might help in calming some people down...

    I'm sorry I'm not so good at translation.


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