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Proof God exists?

Is there any proof god exists? I mean real proof ... I really do mean REAL proof.


Shimmy you fail, my parents are the reason for my existence ....

Update 2:

MJB I feel sorry for you ...

Update 3:

Mike did you read the question? I asked for proof, the sun and the moon are not proof ...

Update 4:

loveChrist you don't know god. and again PROOF? Nothing you have said is PROOF he exists?

Update 5:

John I will post whatever I like thank you :) Don't like it don't post.

"Yes. Creation. There's no way that the veins in a leaf or the exact angle of the sun could be an accident."

Oh I agree, Why does god have to be the answer though? again Proof god made these things?

Update 6:

Vincent your the ignorant one. I am asking for solid proof. yet you answer with some drivel that means nothing.

Update 7:

MJB thats what you believe, just because you believe it doesn't make it fact, I believe I will go into a coffin and that will be the end of it.

Update 8:

LoveChrist .. LOL are you serious ... You have no proof you just choose to believe because your parents brain washed you. Anyway I am not "avoiding" "god"

Update 9:

LoveChrist .. LOL are you serious ... You have no proof you just choose to believe because your parents brain washed you. Anyway I am not "avoiding" "god"

Update 10:

Some of the answers here are so nutty I'm not going to reply to them ..

Update 11:

Lovechrist your brainwashed!!! Your one of those Zealots that only lives for their religion and will beat down anybody that doesnt agree, and through all 3 parts of your answer you have still FAILED to give me PROOF so unless you want to post again make sure you read the question darling. K?

Update 12:

love christ you havnt read the question, I am asking for proof and you have given me none. so arnt you the foolish one?

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    No. No proof that there is a being in the sky waiting to judge you. Never will be.

    Proof that there is a center of love inside of you~ yes.

    Vincent~ yes, there is overwhelming evidence that I was created from the rib or a guy who was created out of dirt & had life breathed into him by an omniscent being. . . . it's time to move past the fairytales, ok?

    • Arimatthewdavies
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      If he does not exist put him out of your mind and don't talk about him! You do not have that power! Just try it .no matter how hard you try you can not remove the thought of god. That's because something inside you is more powerful than you will to deny. Now speculate what is it.

  • Holly
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    There is physical proof of a God that exists or existed. That proof is us. Now look at it this way: We are here, alive and breathing. Some type of life source had to of created our life force. Whether God is a energy in space or some other being, he does exist. People like like to say it was the big bang that created everything. But how about this: What if the BIG bang was God? Light matter and dark matter colliding, can cause the creation of everything. But it goes beyond our comprehension. Life can not come from something that doesn't consist of life. If there was no life, then there would be no life. Our body is made up of energy and that is what God is made up of. That is how we are in his image. That could be how he is with everyone at all time. Once we die, our soul (energy) can not die. It must either go into another life (Reincarnation) or back to the main source. Energy must remain moving because dead objects do not contain energy.

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    Proof hmmm what do you call proof? A picture of god? Someone would say its a hoax. A few thousand years ago according to old writings God was around on earth talking to men and doing miricles. Theirs nothing left but books and word of mouth.but one of those books says he will come back. I'm not a fool I'm not going to go about saying gods just a fable. If you think he is just a story and you tell others that and they misbehave more. Then you are in big trouble if it turns out your wrong! Your life's going to end sooner or latter. Are you really so sure if you want to demand proof? You might just get it.

    Proof? We don't talk about the easter bunny all year every day of our life.because we know its a story.

    But god gets talked about all the time. If he's not real quit talking about him! But you just can not! Because theirs something bigger and more powerful than us. Called god that controls everything! Now prove me wrong by not talking about god anymore! You can't do it!

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    Yes, there is much proof that even the Christians that happen to be scientists, talk about. But no matter what the proof, the secular scientists call it all bunk and dismiss it away.

    God told us about false science/knowledge in 1 Tim 6:20 .

    He said that when science/knowledge runs contrary with His word, it is false.

    God is the author of all science.

    If you need to touch Him literally to know HE is real , you have a problem. Because God touches those who believe in Him.

    God requires faith first, and then the rest comes.

    Look around you at everything, so much beauty God created for us all. HE hung the stars in place and the moon, and all of it. Created gravtity.

    What always amazes me if athiests can believe in a big bang theory, where all thie STUFF just exploded, how can they believe it when there is no proof it was always JUST THERE.

    Yet, when we say of our God who always just was there, it is denied.

    If I gave you a brand new car today and said I found in in my driveway , and had your name on it. YOu would surely take the car and keep it and laugh all the way to the title place.

    You would know anything that intricate had to be thought about, planned, created, made, oh yes and refined to perfection.

    Yet you can so easily believe that all of this world , including the way we humans are made, is just one huge accident.

    How did all the parts fall into the right place, where gravity does work, and the moon and stars and sun dont fall?

    Where our bodies with even just our nervous systems are so perfectly created and something no coputer can copy, we all just happened,?? Just fell from the sky and it all goes together, with head on the top, and from there done so perfecty and intriquitely made from head to toe.??

    Just an accident . a big bang.

    IF you will learn to just have faith and know it takes a bigger leap to believe in evolution than it does to believe in a God that just always way, then God will show you things and you will see more and more to simply KNOW God is real.

    God is eager to forgive and loves us all.

    Run to Him today, and ask Him to show you these things.

    Seek and you will find. Are you willing to take a rish that what I speak is wrong? I say to everyone, dont believe me, just read what God says in His word, and do it and watch how your life changes overnight.

    I once had Jesus appear to me during the time my child was very very sick, and HE proised me that my child would have no pain, after docs had predicted a horrible pain that they couldnt stop. Guess what, two brain surguries later, and not even a need for an asprin.

    Faith is believing in the unseen, and once you do, God shows you more and more and more, and will increase your faith to the point you are even willing to die for your faith.

    God bless you.

    I pray you will seek God and know soon.

    Sister Shirley

    Source(s): God, The Holy Bible and the Holy Spirit REmember Jesus is Lord.
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    All the religions in this world, all stating that they have the true one, the actual words from this deity - so why are they all different? What kind of monster would do something like that? -. Everyone gets a different belief? To me, that in itself is proof there is no such thing. I always love the sun and moon thing - people who think like that have the smallest minds or refuse to believe that this planet is part of a universe that is part of other universes. The concept must be overwhelming to their minds [?] There is NO proof, it's the church dogma that keeps them coming, that dogma has recently changed to the book of myths for support. Some support - all contradictions - all myths - all folklore - all stories from superstitious antiquity and their mind set, flavored by the early priests and bishops to promote control over the masses, thereby accumulating wealth that they still won't divulge to this day.

  • I think the bible is historically accurate.

    I believe because I know?

    I mean, isn't the big bang theories almost the same thing?

    Science: In the beginning the was darkness and then BANG, endless time, space, and matter were created.

    Religion: In the beginning God said let there be light!

    Science is a bunch of theories that I DONT understand.

    I rather take my chances with religion.

    I believe in a GOD, nature is just so perfect.

    I think it need supernatural guidance.

    I mean, I believe in God.

    Im not a religious freak.

    I think that gay love is awesome.

    Does that make me bad?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I had my atheist phase. Im not gonna preach to you that he does or he doesnt exist because if a God exist...then which God is it? The only "proof" is history itself. All civilizations have always demonstrated they believe in a higher power. In some, it was to their benefit because they could control the believers. In others because they truly felt it (like the native americans). It all depends what your heart and soul truly believe. I believe there's a higher power, as to what or who it is maybe i'll discover it someday. Everyone has a choice to believe what they desire. Perhaps you find answers if you choose to believe in nothing or viceversa. Whatever you do always TRY to look at it from a neutral point. That's what beeing an atheist (previously) and having a religious mother taught me. See you around =)

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    there is really no Real proof that God exists,,,,but it would be strange that religion that is spiritual has a materialistic proof,,,,,,this question doesn't even make pretty much sense,,, but everyone has it's believes,,,there will never be a proof, that is for sure,,,you should first look at the definition of religion and then talk.

  • 1 decade ago

    Great question, but what kind of nonsensical answers did you expect. Believers are so totally invested in their delusion, they can only respond with hate and threat. Your responses to them are exactly correct but only rile them further. The best way to handle believers is smile and say "Have a nice day!" But get on with your own life. Being enlightened is sometimes lonely.

  • 1 decade ago

    i do not believe god exists. to me, there is no proof of god. most to all of the "proof" that other people try to show, are easily explainable by other things. believing in such a higher power requires a lot of faith, to me which is a defense mechanism. psychologically, people need something to hold onto because there is nothing else. take that away, or injure their beliefs, people will become vicious; no matter how untrue it is. don't believe me? look at the past. it speaks for it self. countless people have been slaughtered in the name of religion; whatever religion it is/was. all it does is give people an excuse to kill, control other people, and everything else. it's corrupt, but that is what human nature truly is.

    sorry if my answer is a little cynical and pessimistic

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Proof of God cannot be proved or disproved by pointing at some physical evidence.

    The answer lies within.

    It's a feeling not something you can point at.

    Just look inside yourself, the answer is there. One way or the other, you will feel it.

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