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Why does China block wikipedia but not youtube?

first thing's first, I love youtube to death, can't live without it, but blocking wikipedia doesn't make sense to me at all:

wikipedia is a encyclopedia site, to be affected by it you have to learn a lot English, but youtube is a video site, video is more vivid and sensational, you don't have to learn English to understand it, isn't it more "dangerous" to government?..( China blocked youtube during Tibet incident, but now it's normal again).

Thanks to wikipedia, I use proxy servers to learn from it, it helped me a lot when I was writing my college paper.


To Mr. Hex....OMG, wikipedia is normal!!!!...arh....I'm very happy now^^....and no, I don't wanna hear something like "they'll block it in the future"...I consider it as curse

Update 2:

to yuanyuan, here's a proxy server:

Update 3:

to yuanyuan: my avatar name is pronounced "Xia zi" ^^

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    I think China's government has a different thinking with the rest of the people that resulting of banning of wikipedia than youtube. I think that youtube should be more towards entertainment and not so much on the political side and they may think that its posses less threat due to their "un-seriousness" of the matter regards to threaten the security of the China. For wikipedia is like a fact that they think that wikipedia is more serious on what they talk about and they think they may spread the wrong idealism to other people across the globe about China and may lead to a disastrous threat of security and stability of China, maybe in current or the future context manner. So they banned Wikipedia and not Youtube, which this may be their utmost thinking.

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    I cannot say why they do that, may be because optionally China blocks wiki and sometimes YouTube. YouTube also is a very popular source in the world. Lots of Chinese even doesn't know about Wikipedia... It's may be easy for them to block it ? But YouTube became popular suddenly, and they didn't realize in the beginning what does it really mean... Anyway I'm now under the problem - how to unblock it... Now I'm using the service, so now I do not care who blocked whom :)) I just use blocked sites in the same way I used them before...

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    Cos government don't hope the citizen know VANK and Chinese expats are doing edit war? regarding the Northeast Project of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences? (东北工程)



    This site can be a proxy of Wikipedia. I remember I could access here when I was in China. Some pictures won't be displayed though.

    You can read the same article with Wikipedia by adding the keyword at the end.

    e.g Dashan is

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    I thought something was wrong w/ the pc's when I couldn't access Wikipedia when I was in China. Can you tell me how you use that proxy server and/or what is it so that my friend in China can use it too? He wants so much to see Wikipedia and he has no idea how to. Thanks in advance

    ADD: Thanks! Just an aside, may I know how to pronounce your avatar name? Cos I can't type it in my pc.

    To Jorienta...thanks too! I'll advise my friend in China

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    Both wiki and youtude and the bbc are unblocked at the moment due to "deal" they had for hosting this years games. However there are parts of it still blocked even if you use an proxy.

    Also there are plans to block youtude in the future and time to time they have blocked youtude as well.

    To 夏子 enjoy it while you can is all I say.

  • Wikipedia is a great source. However, I wouldn't trust it 100%

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    hmmmm that make much sense at all as you say. i mean yes youtube is excellent site i love it but it has more viloence,comedy, stuff like that while the wikipedia is all educational well most of it. idk every country has different laws and rules for the internet

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    becoz the "Eyes of Shambhalla see everything"

    The Man who went and returned from Shambhalla

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    from stopping pple learnig tooo much

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    you shouldn't trust wikipedia when your doing a college paper.

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