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BOY BEAT A GIRL UP BADLY.......What do you think and what to do?


There is this really nice girl in skl,Garia and these 2 guys Deep and Marc...Deep and MaRC are really good friends...they both asked her out and she said yes to Deep... so marc got really pissed off and told Deep to f*** off and never talk to him (Nothing happended physically)...Me and all the other guys told them not to fight cuz of a girl they understood and blamed the whole thing on Garia and went to verbally abuse her... They got there and Deep broke up with herin front of her friends and said that she was really Fugly! She got pissed and asked him to f*** off. He got mad and pushed her and she fell down... the girls cae in and stopped the fight...THE NEXT DAY Marc and Deep went to verbally abuse her she asked them what the f*** they wanted? They got pissed of cuz she was showing attitude and slapped her and abused her and spat on her.He threatend her that he would beat her up badly and that he would kill her......more..


the rest: they took hr skll bag n emptied it and threw it of.she was still on the floor and dey kicked her on the face,legs,chest and thudded her head..she den pinched 1 of em on the leg n she rolld away.....they went towards her n pushed hr n hr head hit the hrt bad n she was shoutin STOP!STOP! they said that she was **** and her whol family sucked..There was one more guy with marc taking video and thats how i saw..the video is available to watch and believe it or not it was uploaded by one of her own friends...He still does not feel bad about the incident and said that she deserved it because of all the slutty things she has done...after like a week he felt bad and went to apologise but he could not find her and so he went 2 her friends to tell her that he feels bad for the incident....her fiends got angry with him and told him that they were going to call the police he got angry and said that he wud call his gang n beat them all. I was not there while it happened.

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    Ill forgo my usual comment about english in this case, but someone needs to notify the school or the police on that,

    FIND THAT VIDEO , save it and use it as evidence against those fools, and CALL THE COPS

  • tucker
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    That poor girl! If it was your daughter what would you do? or your sister! It doesnt matter what shes done in the past, noone deserves that. Be anonymous, but let authorities know before they rape he or something!

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    She needs to tell the police.

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    he's a wimp who needs to be slapped around in prison by some real thugs

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    just call the police. i cant help

  • 1 decade ago

    i swear iv already answered this question before but what the hay: CALL THE POLICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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