Green Day Question: What is the full story of st. Jimmy .. in summary?

tell me the story ..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    After entering the City and realizing his own loneliness and vulnerability, Jesus of Suburbia decides to create a new self, a whole new person, a cold-blooded city resident - one that Jesus has never been.

    From the first words of the introduction of Jimmy he's being described as this awesome son of a ***** shining with coolness - the kind of guy easily impressible teenage boys would want to be. Confident as hell and self-sufficient, Jimmy claims to be the "patron saint of the denial" and therefore refers to himself as "St. Jimmy". In his attempts to be accepted by the new environment, Jesus suppresses all kinds of love in himself and turns into a reflection of rage that's been brewing inside of him. There's no more "son of rage and love" - now there's a product of the victimized society, the martyr of war and fear, St. Jimmy.

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