astrology tells the future?

do you think astrology can tell the future?

why? why not?

if it can, what about free will?

doesn't our actions in the present effect our future?

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    Astrology doesn't "tell the future" but it is able to show you trends, general things that go on when certain planets are in certain signs.

    Yes, free will is why no one is perfect and why just because you are meant to do something you might not achieve it. Astrology doesn't tell you exact things and if an astrologer is trying to tell you something like "You will get the job you have been wanting on so and so day and you will also get flowers the next day," or some crap like that, they are not a real astrologer and are just scamming you.

    Astrology can give insight on how to deal with stressful times or harmonious times in the future or that a certain month long period (just for example) in the future might be tough emotionally and it is up to the person to take that advice to heart or to disregard it. It's kind of like a parent telling their child, if you do "that" than "this" will happen and depending on if the child takes the advice, certain things will happen. Free will is always the deciding factor in life.

    **Haha, I like Chain bringing up the opportunities of poor children in one place to those of a "rich" kid as he puts it in another place. Really has nothing to do with the question, he is only on here to say that astrology has been tested and that it doesn't work. Yet he fails to realize that most testing has been done on low budgets and by people who want to see it fail, they open tests to people who are kooks and just say they are astrologers or whatnot and when they don't do well, they blame astrology instead of the person performing it.

    No, free will doesn't make astrology useless. It makes any claims that a person's life is set in stone no matter what useless. By the way it's Vedic, not Verdic.

    It's so silly to test certain things on a basis of if it doesn't work 100%, it's not real. I have had many dreams that have come true. I have had dreams of the future, yet if you tried to "test" it, I'm sure I couldn't predict the future 100%, usually I don't even know it's a dream of something to come until it happens. Does that mean it's not real? No. But by Chainlightning's standards it does. Astrology can't be tested like he says and be expected to have a 100% "correct" rating because of things like free will and the way and where someone was raised. Astrology is an influence not a forcing hand like he likes to paint it, and influences can be fought against and ignored if one truly wanted to.

    Again, the point about the British Commonwealth has no relevance to the question and really supports nothing, it just sucks for those people if they wanted to know their birth time and their parents don't know. <3

    So humans are incapable of error? I know most people who take personality tests pick the choice that sounds the best as opposed to what really describes them. I'm sure that the chart they chose was the one that sounded the best to them. Most people when confronted with what may be negative about them self balk at the idea. Most people will label their character as outgoing because they think being the opposite is a "bad" thing while in reality, this person is quite the introvert. Many people lie to the test and themselves in personality tests. You seem to think that every single person knows themselves inside and out and is never in denial about what kind of person they are. I see all kinds of holes with both of those tests. And as usual, you respond with someone else's words rather than your own. You fail to address the fact that free will and upbringing are always to be taken into account for a person's personality. Like I said, astrology is an influence and doesn't MAKE a person do or be anything. You like to make things up about astrology that it has never claimed so you can justify your viewpoint. Plus none of those tests have been performed after 1990, I think 1988 is the most recent. Wow, 20 year old tests. Sounds relevant to use 2 decades later, ahah.

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    The celebs and exoplanets have always influenced a sense of question. Many ethnicities look skyward and see the face area of the work there. There are a cosmic dancing on the great scale, and something on the romantic scale, happening for each people. Astrology may be the study associated with patterns plus relationships -- of exoplanets in movement, our delivery chart, synastry with other people, the makeup of components -- and taking advantage of that understanding as a device to find which means.

    Is Zodiac a technology?:

    It drops more within the category of metaphysics, the study of what is past the bodily. It's much like other areas that are based on ancient ideas of energy designs, like feng shui, acupuncture therapy and yoga exercise. Astrology in high amounts is a competence of its specific science as well as the intuitive artistry. As the first known purchasing of presence, long before documented history, novice called the "Mother of all Savoir. "

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    'Yes' and 'no' would both be correct answers. Astrology uncovers tendencies or proclivities for events to happen. A good astrologer would say an event is very likely to happen, or almost certainly will happen, or that it probably won't happen, or so on, but a good astrologer would never spell it out and say it's 100% certain.

    We do all have free will - but God's handiwork makes it more or less likely for you to be rich, poor, divorced, employed, or just about anything else.

    Source(s): Reading about and studying astrology for about the past year
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    Yes, it does, I am an astrologer and I have done many accurate predictions for my clients from time to time.

    Your actions in the present definately have effect in the future, because by your action you can strengthen or weaken your stars.

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    Telling the future and predicting trends are both claims that can be tested. But they fail to do better than chance. Then there is things like enviorment and economics. You can't expect a poor child living in Peru to have the same chances as a rich child in New England. Free will does make astrology pointless. Kind of nice to control your own life.

    Which type of astrology is the real one? Chinese, Verdic, "Western" or another? Some people combine two of them. There is no way to tell.

    One thing you may not know is that nations of the British Commonwealth are not required to record a time when registering births only dates. Only twins are, for heredity reasons.

    Edit: Pardon my spelling, at least I can spell psychic.

    How about a test that professional astrologers help design? Is 50% better?

    Possibly the most detailed test of astrology using this type of method, was performed by Shawn Carlson. His paper, “A Double-blind Test of Astrology”, was published in the prestigious peer reviewed scientific journal Nature, in 1985. The interesting thing is that the San Francisco chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research recommended the 28 professional astrologers who took part, and (with Carlson), designed the tests. They also predicted, in advance, what they would consider to be a successful test.

    Two tests were performed:

    Test #1: Astrological charts were prepared for 83 subjects, based on natal data (date, time and place of birth), provided by the subjects. Each subject was given three charts: one chart based on their own natal data, and two charts derived from natal data of other people. Each subject was asked to identify the chart that most correctly described them. In only 28 of the 83 cases, the subject chose their own chart. This is the exact success rate expected for random chance. The astrologers predicted that the subjects would select their own chart more that 50% of the time.

    Test #2: 116 subjects completed California Personality Index surveys and provided natal data (date, time and place of birth). One set of natal data and the results of three personality surveys (one of which was for the same person as the natal data) were given to an astrologer who was to interpret the natal data and determine which of the three CPI results belonged to the same subject as the natal data. In only 40 of the 116 cases, the astrologers chose the correct CPI. As with test #1, this is the exact success rate expected for random chance. The astrologers predicted that they would select the correct CPI profiles in more that 50 per cent of the trials.

    Conclusion by Carlson:

    "We are now in a position to argue a surprisingly strong case against natal astrology as practiced by reputable astrologers. Great pains were taken to insure that the experiment was unbiased and to make sure that astrology was given every reasonable chance to succeed. It failed. Despite the fact that we worked with some of the best astrologers in the country, recommended by the advising astrologers for their expertise in astrology and in their ability to use the CPI, despite the fact that every reasonable suggestion made by advising astrologers was worked into the experiment, despite the fact that the astrologers approved the design and predicted 50% as the "minimum" effect they would expect to see, astrology failed to perform at a level better than chance.

    "I have not yet received a serious scientific challenge to the paper. The newsletter of the American Federation of Astrologers Network published a response in January (1986). I was very disappointed to see that it largely consists of personal attacks. Its few substantive criticisms are attributable to ignorance of the experiment, of the CPI, and of basic scientific methodology."

    So the astrologers failed their own test. Does this mean they gave up astrology as being useless? Of course not: they are totally closed minded to the possibility that astrology doesn’t work.

    Edit: Time does not matter, it is the quality of the testing. There was no requesting a retest and I doubt any astrology group will agree to the same kind of testing. Let alone to putting up the money to help pay for the tests. Is there any kind of testing that astrology has done better than random chance fifty years ago or five months ago? These were professional astrologers and two types of tests. They made up the tests and the money was spent. One third correct is equal to guessing. If the astrologers were half right, I'd say that is very good evidence.

    Can you suggest a test that will show that astrology's claims can do better than chance? Not 100%, like you say I demand, but clearly shows that astrology is better than random chance. Or somewhere that it does clearly has infuence and not because of simpler reasons?

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    It tells you what you want to hear. My opinion. ...I am not saying Astrology is telling you my opinion. Whew! O_o

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    Nope. Its all a bunch of crap. the stars have no effect on our lives, why would they?

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    Believe what you want to believe ~ it makes no difference.

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