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1.Air Pollution


3.Olympic Games

4.Tutorial Centers

5.Teenage Violence

6.Putonghua Vs English

7.Insufficient Reading

8.Theme Park

9.CHILD Obesity

10.Teenage Pregnancy

11.effects of icQ on students

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    Air pollution

    traffic, smoke, fume, factory, LPG taxi, greenhouse effect, gobal warming, ozone layer, acid rain, set up the law, carbon dioxide


    lung cancer, waste money, bad image, bad smell, cigratte

    Olympic Games

    Athen, long jump, dive, boxing, prize, gold medal, silver medal, bronze medal, olive leave, crown, world record

    Tutorial Centre

    tutor, HKCEE, hardworking, past paper

    Teenage Violence

    bully, fighting, proud of, volunteer, parent

    Putonghua Vs English

    nation langage, Hong Kong return to China, England

    Theme Park

    Disneyland, Ocean Park, Shark, Panda, exciting ride, roller coaster, Lantau Island, Mickey Mouse, expensive, firework display, Ocean theatre, jellyfish

    Child Obesity

    fast food, potato chips, hamburger, coke, ice-cream, oily food, exercise, heart disease, high blood pressure

    Teenage Pregnancy

    condom, baby, love movie, romantic, responsible, young, working ability

    effects of icq on students

    make bad friend, waste time, relationship, homework

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