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我要去見用shipping既工 要英文interview 幫我諗下以下問題點答 (20分)

what was the worst problem you have had in your job/ at school and how did you solve it?

我份part time係資料輸入員

what would you like to be doing in three to five years?

do you take part in any extra-curricular activities?

淨係參加過手球 音樂學會

what part of your work needs the most improvement?


we have a lot of applicants for this job, why should we appoint you?

係咪答強項? for example?

what are you best work abilities and best qualities?


thanks for you help~

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    1. The worst case I encountered when I was working as a data inputter last year. Normally we had to finish all the data input everyday because they would be reviewed by the supervisor next morning before they have the management meeting. However the computer broke down in the evening and all the technicians have gone home already. Since my work was very urgent I immediately took all the information back home to do the data input and burnt them into a disc. Next morning before my supervisor came back to work I input all the data into the main system by using the disc. Time was very limited but I successfully finished all the input so the company work flow was not disturbed.

    2. I would like to be an experienced shipping personnel equipped with all the details and knowledges which can make my contribution to the company at most.

    3. I was members of Hand Ball and Music Group. So actually my interests are very diversified from sports to arts.

    4. (This part is asking you to tell him your weakest point, of course you should not show any weakness) I think my weakest point is the lack of enough training and work experience in the shipping industry. I think shipping and logistics are growing industries so I really want to be a part of your company to enhance my knowlege in this respect.

    5. (Not 強項, but your sincerity in wanting the job) I am really interested in this industry and I want to make it my final career. Therefore if I am given the opportunity, I will do my best to work and learn as much as I can to contribute to the company and at the same time improving myself.

    6. yes, 淨係答做過咩工同最高學歷 - this one I cannot answer for you.

    Be confident, not too proud, show your sincerity and your interest in this industry, if there is any difficult questions, just give a honest answer, do not try to tell or talk about something you do not understand. Good luck on your interview.

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