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    Playing computer games

    Nowadays, computer games are created in huge amounts each year and have become very popular everywhere around the globe. Computer games are full of light, motions, and many other attractions. Probably because of these ingredients, they attract many more kids and adults to spend much time in front of computers.

    There have always been pros and cons for any new technology and computer games are no exception. On one hand, computer games are said to be helpful in training reactions and eye movements for children with learning disabilities. There has been one report asserting that computer games can significantly increase the learning efficiency of children with dyslexia. Also, computer games are very entertaining and can be used for recreation. Whether you like to accept it or not, computer games have been leading the children toy markets in the last 10 years. On the other hand, many educators and doctors have kept on warning parents and teachers to supervise children on their use of computer games. Addiction is a coommon side effect of computer games. Besides, children can lose their attention on classes due to excessive time spent on computer games. More often than not, time for sleep is deprived from children if they addict themselves in computer games.

    In my opinion, I think computer games are good inventions in modern age. It is not the fault of computer games or those who produce them. The players have to control themselves and schedule a reasonable time spent on them.

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    As the technology flourishes, more and more kinds of computer games are created. As a result, people start playing them as a part of entertainment. However, they usually ignore that it is harmful to sit in front of the computer for a longtime. Instead of plaing them unorganizedly, we should plan our time well and take some breaks properly.

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