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Are TDY locations consider Classified information?

My friend is in a TDY but he never told me where only when he was coming back. So I called his office the other day and he already left, I asked the person who answer where was he and said he couldn't say it only when he was coming back, that matches the time he said.

Is that common to have that information as classified or is it that he's really in an important mission.

He said he was gonna be veru busy, but he was going to send a note if he had a chance , and that he'll definitely be in touch at his return. The truth I'm worried cuz it's been 3 weeks and no news, I hope to know from him at his return.

Do you think he'll contact me as he said?


I'm really worried and everytime I hear news from the middle east about soldiers been killed I worried more.

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    Stop watching the news - it won't help any.

    As a matter of course, TDY locations alone are not classified. They may be. It also might be a location that while not classified, is a good idea to just not talk about.

    People go TDY for all sorts of things - training, schooling, conferences, meetings, presentations, certifications, visits, operations, whatever. TDY is just a "business trip." If your friend and his office have declined to tell you where he is, then you just need to accept it. Many people are very busy when they go TDY and may not have a chance to call.

    Just relax.

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    I don't think I would ever talk to a "friend" who was calling over the phone to ask where one of my soldiers was and actually tell them much of anything. Partially security but mostly courtesy to the soldier. If you really want to know when and where he is going, ask HIM. If he can't/won't tell you, then don't expect the unit to tell you.

    So that means -- don't read anything into the unit not telling you. It does not mean in any way the trip is classified, dangerous or anything else.

    Yes, the Army does send people TDY on classified missions which they can't talk about, even to their spouses. But typically the entire trip and everything about it is classified, including the return date. If they told you when he was coming back, I would guess the trip is not classified (just a guess).

    Classified missions aren't inherently more or less dangerous than unclassified ones.

    Hope this helps. BTW, some friendly advice from a soldier with 28 years in the Army to date. Commanders really don't like getting calls from mothers, friends, etc asking about their soldiers. Spouses and children usually get a better reception, but if you are just a "friend" calling his command to check on him, you probably are not doing him any favors, since the command will probably talk to him about why they have to act as his answering service. Back to my first point - ask your friend what he is doing. If he can't/won't tell you, then don't expect the command to, and don't annoy them by calling (it will only hurt your friend.

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    They can be, depending upon the mission. And, as many others have said, regardless of whether it is or not, the information is not given out to just anyone. If he wanted you to know, he would have told you, if he could.

    We spent 4 years in Germany growing up. Dad was special ops and was only with us for a total of about 18 months. Many times we kids would get up in the morning and mom would tell us that Dad had a trip and would be home soon. Or Dad wouldn't come home from work at the end of the day... mom would just get a phone call from him saying he was leaving and would be back when he got back. We found out afterwards where he went, sometimes. But, 30 years later, there are still places we have no idea where he went and he's not telling!

    Source(s): AF spouse - 19 years AF brat
  • No, not classified. Personal and confidential, yes.

    If he's on a TDY - try not to worry too much. TDY assignments are rarely dangerous (most are for short training classes or administrative reasons). I'm sure he's just really busy like he said he would be.

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    it all depends, i have been on TDY trips to get some silly training, then on the other hand, been on trips that i really cant tell my family a whole lot about. sometimes the trip takes you just a few hours down the road, but other times i have been in whole separate countries. you never know, but typically they are not too horribly dangerous. really i wouldnt worry, most of us usually look forward to our TDY, its nice to make that extra cash...

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    yes they can be. and there will ALWAYS be a chance that he will not be able to communicate no matter where he is or what he is doing.

    besides, there is no reason for you to know where he is anyway. as a friend, you are not authorized to get that information. Heck, even spouses don't always have authorization.

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    We go places we have "never been". And do things that "did not happen". To make sure we were never there and nothing happened, the mission is classified. It also protects the soldier for others not to know what he has been up to.

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    over seas ship out "dates" are.

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