from here to mexico?!!!?

how much money would i spend if i take my car?

practically i need a list of the spences


from illinois to mexico city or guerrero

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    Gasoline in mexico is curently about 7 pesos per liter...about $2.60usd a gallon. You will ned to get a car permit when you cross the border...about $100.00. You will need to buy Mexican car inurance to cover you while in pretty cheap...mine is only $300.00 a year. See 2nd site below. Many highways have tolls...some of these, esp. around Mexico city are expensive.. as much as $20.00....others are only $2 or $3.00. Mexican roads can be hard on your car depending on where you drive. If you have never driven in Mexico, it is challenging. You will need a Mexican road atlas, the Guia Roji...can buy it in big book stores or order from Another option is taking the bus. you can take a bus staight from many cities in the u.s., or take Greyhound to mcAllen or San antonis and get a mexican bus. theay are MUCH nicer than bus in the u.s. and low-priced. You cannot drive at nite in Mexico...roads have bad spots, giant holes, animals on the road, pedestrians on the roads...just not reccomended at all, so you will have to stay in a motel. would need at least passable Spanish skills. where are you planning on going?

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    You'd probably save a lot going to Mexico on a low cost airliner or by bus (please note that a bus trip from Texas to Mexico City is 24 hours which could be grueling, a plane ride from Illinois to Mexico City could take about 4 hours. There's direct flights to Mexico City from Chicago).

    You could rent a car from mexico City and then travel around. Some toll booths can be expensive. Just from Mexico City to Acapulco Guerrero you could pay over 60 dollars one way. Drivers in Mexico City are animals, very nasty drivers, be prepared if you think drivers here are all polite and let pedestrians cross streets and such haha yeah right. You will NEED car insurance. It's illegal to drive in Mexico without one. Don't give cops excuses to ask for bribes. If you're going to drive in Mexico City, avoid doing so at night unless you have great spanish or you're driving with a local that knows how to handle cops, cops like to find weenie drivers at night in the DF area to get bribes. They avoid bothering you in daylight.

    Guerrero is a rather large state. It would be a good idea to have a specific city in mind when going there like going to Iguala or Acapulco or something.

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    Depends on where you are and where in Mexico you want to go. I used to live within an hour of Mexico and we'd go on the weekends when I was in high school. Gas was cheaper then and we could party all night for less than 30 bucks. If you're just going to a border town, leave your car in the U.S. and walk/taxi across the bridge. Also, you now need a passport, so be aware of that as far as calculating your expenses.

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    Do not take your car if you plan to go for vacation. It is very hard to drive over there, and the roads are very different from the US. Plus as you go more into the country, you run the risk of getting your car confiscated, if you do no have the proper documentation that they ask.

    Source(s): Im from Mexico.
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