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2nd pf option, channing frye or darko? for last week of fantasy?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Both are not exactly top notch PF-s, but if you have to, go with Darko. He gets roughly twice as many minutes per game as Frye and if nothing else hell give you 2-3 blocks per game. He also has the potential to score a double-double, something youll never see from Frye.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Are there any other PFs in the waiver wire, dude?

    Those two players are very inconsistent. let me give you a breakdown:

    Channing Frye. He doesn't play really well. His minutes are around 15-20 pg. That means minimal production. He doesn't rebound well for a Pf, and not a good scorer. But since Przbilla's out w/ a season ending injury, he might have an increased playing time, w/c could lead to increased production. But based on Portland's last game, coach McMillan opted to go with Raef LaFrentz nstead of Frye.

    Darko Milicic. He's pretty inconsistent. The Killer here is his ft%. When he's having an off night, he's REALLY OFF. 1 point, 2 rebs, 3 TOs.. that sort of thing. But the thing is, he's got a great upside. If he's hot, he's really hot. 20 pts, 10+ rebs, 3 blks...He could give you that kind of stat line on any given night. He's just too inconsistent to be trusted upon every game. And, Iavaroni shuffles his lineup so often that you aren't sure if Darko's minutes will be around 25-35 in a consistent basis...

    IF there are no other good Pfs on the waiver wire, then I say go for DARKO

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