Where are the voltage regulator and starter relay located on a 1997 Chevy Venture Mini Van?

My 1997 Venture Mini Van is the first Chevy I've ever owned. The starter just clicks rapidly when I attempt to start it. Being familiar with Fords, I would check the battery, starter, starter relay, and voltage regulator, as I know where all those are located. I do not however know where the voltage regulator and starter relay are located on the Venture. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    The Voltage Regulator has been inside the Alternator for many years now on most cars, about 35 years on Chevy's. It's been controlled by the ECM for about 20-some years on most Chevy's. The Starter Relay, such as it is, is a part of the Starter Solenoid function. Basically it takes the place of the Starter Relay and the pole-shoe assembly on the old Fords.

    The clicking that you're hearing is the Starter Solenoid, basically engaging and then disengaging because you don't have enough juice to work the Starter Motor. Which of course could be because your Alternator is not charging the Battery, as well as a worn out Battery, or poor connections.

    Best thing to do at this point is check all your connections, then jump the Battery to get it going, and check the Voltage while the car is running. If it's around 13 to 15 volts, and you didn't leave any lights on, it's probably time for a new Battery. If it's below 12.6, then you have a Charging System problem.

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    The voltage regulator is now a built-in unit at the alternator. Unless you take the alternator apart, you cannot gain access to it. The starter relay is also located inside the starting motor.

    If you hear rapid clicking sound while you turned your ignition key but the engine failed to turn or catch on, you should check the battery or give the battery a boost. Your battery is likely low.

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    1997 Chevy Venture Van

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    You need to check your battery. It is either low or the terminals and posts are dirty. The clicking you hear is the starter relay.should make it easy to find. The regulator is in the alternator so check alternator output at battery terminals, should read 14.5 volts. Fully charged battery will read 13.5 volts.

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    its on the starter its self duh lol

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