Hair dye for black color hair?

What brand of box dye should I use to color my black hair to like a brown color? I've previousy used Nice & Easy colorblending stuff (Light Ash Brown) but all it did was give my hair a reddish tint. I want one that will change my entire head color to brown.

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Ummmmm... i can't go to the salon either because i wasn't really allowed to dye my hair or anything and recently my parents are easing up a little a letting me use box dye

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    sorry but people with black hair MUST go to a professional.. it seems expensive. but all the time and money you are waisting on boxes of dye that don't work, it's almost worth it to go and get it done!


    hey.. u say u can't go to the salon, then i would suggest waiting until you are ALLOWED to do so. because u will be wasting ur time dealing with the box crap. it's not as strong as the professional kind and will probably have no effect on ur black hair, unless u want it to look a reddish tint that's about it. sorry :(

    good luck.

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    You really shouldn't try this at home - invest in a hairstylist. Seriously. And I'm not one.

    You can't lighten dark hair by using a lighter coloured boxed hair dye. The colour needs to be lifted (or stripped) by a hairstylist before the lighter colour is added.

    A couple of years ago, when I was trying to save a few pennies, I began using boxed colour. For some unknown reason, even though it was red I was after (I'd had it for years), it turned dark. I mean DARK brown. I was horrified. I waited a few days, then purchased another box of red colour to try and fix it. It didn't work, stayed the same.

    Found a good hairstylist who informed me you can't go lighter with a dark hair dye, only darker. He had to strip the dark brown, then reapply the red.

    It looks great now. And although many people swear by box colour, I haven't ventured there again!

    Hope this helps.

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    I know from personal experience that box dyes never give me the effect that I am looking for. I always turn orangey red...not the color on the box haha. I know it sucks but saving up the money and going to a salon saves you alot of headache trying to fix a bad at home hair dye. I have really thick hair though, and I heard it's harder to get the color you want with a box. Some of my friends have really thin hair and it works for them. My friend uses Herbal Essences. It doesnt give a highlighted look, but more of a all over color. However she has blonde hair and dyes it blonde so I dont know what it would do on black to brown.

    Good luck with everything! = )

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    Black hair dye is no more dangerous than any other hair dye. Some black hair dye is safer because of less ammonia.

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    firstly.. ash colors usually have either a green or a blue base

    which doesnt really help if you have black hair

    the trick is this

    you are a level one... you should not pick lighter than a level 4

    if you do... your hair will start going red

    unless you bleach first

    the other thing to remember.. color will not lighten color

    only bleach will do that

    no matter what they call a lightener.. it has to have some kind of bleach in it in order for it to lighten.. they might use fancy names for bleach..

    when you do use 4 levels higher than your hair.. make sure to use 30 volume peroxide.. that will help lift and deposit the color.. and leave it on at least 30 to 45 minutes

    good luck

    Source(s): stylist 30yrs
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    You should get a box of dye that specifically says that it lightens dark colors.

    You also should go a good few shades lighter than you want.

    First, get "color oops: extreme" to remove the brown you've put in already. (it STINKS, but works amazingly)

    Then, get a color meant for dark hair.

    Thenn, presto! you've got your color!

    Or you can go to a pro. it wouldn't hurt- they know what they're doing.

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    Those packet dyes are offen misleading and create a more reddy colour thsn you wanted,

    your best bet is to go to a professional salon where they can cater for the exact colour you want,

    Should cost around £50-£80

    Good luck (:



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    I highly suggest you go to a professional to do it first and if later on you like to retouch it or change it to a lighter you can do it on your own with a box dye

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    dont get anything with ash that is red you will have a red tent i have the same problem

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