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What do I read next for Uncanny X-Men?!?

I bought Uncanny X-Men 491, 492, 494, and 496. Why is it that 491 and 492 are completely different? 491 is just regular but 492 is Messiah Complex?? I don't understand. Can someone help me please?

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    The Messiah Complex is a storyline that involves most of the X-Men titles while Uncanny X-Men 491 wasn't part of the story which is why it doesn't say Messiah Complex on it.

    The full list of comics involved in the Messiah Complex are:

    October 2007

    Chapter 1: X-Men: Messiah Complex one-shot.

    November 2007

    Chapter 2: Uncanny X-Men #492

    Chapter 3: X-Factor #25

    Chapter 4: New X-Men #44

    Chapter 5: X-Men #205

    December 2007

    Chapter 6: Uncanny X-Men #493

    Chapter 7: X-Factor #26

    Chapter 8: New X-Men #45

    Chapter 9: X-Men #206

    January 2008

    Chapter 10: Uncanny X-Men #494

    Chapter 11: X-Factor #27

    Chapter 12: New X-Men #46

    Chapter 13: X-Men #207

    In the aftermath of the Messiah Complex, alot of the X-Men related comics were cancelled and/or renamed something else but the biggest storyline is "Divided We Stand".

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    Yea, they do change writers a lot so sometimes plots get screwy, unfortunetly i haven't read 491 and 492 yet, but I'd say to read on and see if it sorts its self out after a while

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    X-grownup adult males (and different mutant) titles: 01) extraordinary X-grownup adult males 02) Uncanny X-grownup adult males 03) perfect X-grownup adult males 04) X-grownup adult males 05) New X-grownup adult males 06) Wolverine 07) District X 08) X-Statix 09) Mystique 10) Emma Frost 11) The Exiles 12) X-ingredient 13) CABLE & DEADPOOL 14) hurricane 15) Civil conflict sixteen) Excalibur and bigger

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    Why do you have gaps in what you bought, the Messiah complex crossedover but it always came back. Also you need the Messiah complex one shot. go to they can tell you what you need to be current.

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    This happens a lot on X-Men as they change writers all the time.

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