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Hello, I am a resident of Ohio, There is a power line that runs across our lawn. and now AEP is saying that they have to DESTROY all of the tress within 75 feet of the center line of the power lines. In the past they have just been coming and trimming the tress, but now they are saying that they are going to cut down all of the tress.

We are wondering if people have fought this before and if you have how and what happened, or if you have any suggestions in what to do in this situation. We are willing to do anything to save our tress. Sp please HELP. They might be coming next week to kill the trees, so I need some help fast. we are in Clolumbus, Oh.


AEP=American Electric Power

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    What is AEP? Because if they are a government utility (?), then they may have to compensate you for the reduction in value to your property.

    You could also seek a preliminary injunction against AEP. Speak with an attorney at one of the larger firms in your city - they'll recommend someone who specializes.

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    Go to the papers and the local news station and get it on the air how they're destroying perfectly good trees for no valid reason! The environmental people will help you to stop them!

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    Call Washington DC Department of Environmental Protection

    DEP, see what can be done, also call your congressman, and do this on the phone, not email, call the local newspaper, it will make the headlines, call your neighbors, get going you don't have much time

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    there was a problem with BGE doing that in Baltimore,they backed off but I don't know the whole story...

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  • they tried to same rubbish here in vt look for envirmental and landowners group to join ur fight

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