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Which designer purse should I get 4 my birthday?

Which designer brand should I get:


Juicy Couture

Dooney and Burke

Kathy Zealand

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    Juicy for sure. they come it all different sizes and have the best styles.

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    honestly i think you should go for the dooney and burke its adorable! Coach is a bit out of style now! Juicy Couture is only cute when it comes to clothes and Kathy Zealand is okay im not a big fan of it! =)

    Source(s): Have many DB purses and always get complimented on them* Hope i helped ;)
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    Coach is ugly, overpriced, and way too popular. Dooney and Burke is okay. Juicy courture is cute. I love Kathy Van Zeeland!

    get a Juicy Courture bag since it's more expensive than Kathy Van Zeeland.

    Source(s): I have Coach, Juicy Courture, Dooney and Burke, and Kathy Van Zeeland purses.
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    ew I hate Kathy Zealand. ugglyy. some of the juicy ones look really cheap because of the material. (and they probably are. lol) so either coach or d&b. I would buy a D&B. I have a couple of their purses and they're great because the material can withstand the rain. They're really cute too! Good Luck!

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    Coach is really popular, so if you want to be more unique, get one of the other three. My personal favorite is Dooney and Bourke.

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    i like juicy couture, coach and dooney its so hard to pick! but like go on the sites and see which ones u like

  • brit
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    Juicy Couture! :D

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    COACH all the way!

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