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Can I take some extra courses in the Army as a Medic to prepare myself to be a Combat Medic?

I kinda want to go out with the soldiers and not just sit in a tent all day if I join the Army and go to Iraq. (I would prefer Afghanistan)

So Will the Army let me take like some extra Infantry training or Combat Medic training or something?

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    I was under the impression that 91W did that? If your looking for more courses, go to any Tactical Combat Casualty Care course or go to a Civilian TEMS Course. There are several private companies that put out some great TCCC courses and they are run for the most part by either former Army 18-Deltas, AF PJ's or a few SEAL Medics.

    Here are some courses that should help at least a little bit-

    SOLO Wilderness EMT

    Operational Emergency Medical Skills (OEMS)

    If you get these two course, you will have a good basis, the OEMS course is ideal for military medicine and the SOLO course will cover other stuff that you may encounter in the field as well as give some pretty good improvised treatment ideas. If you get both schools the total time would be about 6 weeks, the OEMS is just about 10 days and the SOLO school is a month. There are also some ok Police Tactical EMS courses but they are not allowed to do alot of the stuff that we are so keep that in mind and take what they say with a grain of salt and see how you can apply what you learn to the Battle Field.

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