what are 5 important events in somalia?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    After WW2 Somalia fought for it's own independence (from Britain) and achieved it in 1960. This led to years of tribal warfare within Somalia -some tribes were unhappy with the boundaries left by Britain. The Somalia Revolutionary Communist Party came to power in the late 70s. They held power, primarily due to their association with the Soviets. Things started to fall apart for the dictatorship during the 80s when the Soviet Union (starting to collapse) stopped offering support to the Somalia Revolutionary Party.

    More civil war ensued. It got so bad that the UN intervened in the 90s. Recently, Islamic fundamentalists took control of Somalia for a brief period in 2006. Conflict with the Islamic forces is ongoing. The US had also intervened with air strikes recently (last 2 yrs -not sure when) in order to capture/kill Al Qaeda members.

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    Well we had the mini skirmish over there between the peace keepers and somalia

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