Good bass singers?

Good bass singers?

I'm 14 and are looking for good bass singers to emulate. Preferably rock, baritones as well.

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    Most lead rock singers are tenors, however there are a couple. The lead singer from Creed is a baritone with a nice range. Some years ago, the lead singer from Soundgarden that sang Black Hole Sun sung baritone. The lead singer from The Red Hot Chili Peppers doesn't usually sing extremely high pitched song either. I would check him out too.

    Outside of rock, there is Barry White, Lou Rawls, singers like that were true basses. You don't hear much from bass singers in the popular music world nowadays.

    Source(s): Professional singer/teacher
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  • seay
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    3 years ago

    umm i think of a bass singer may well be a decrease history singer or a bass participant who sings! yet umm particular a bass singer can completely play guitar and guitarists could have intense, low, or medium history vocals or be lead singer!

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