is it "ghetto" to have a wedding reception at a house instead of a ballroom?

im getting married and were buying a house i would like to have the wedding party there instead of a ballroom that kind of ghetto..since we really dont have furniture yet???


thanks everyone!!..yall have really helped me

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    Some of the richest / highest class people I know have wedding at their houses. If you don't have furniture yet, why don't you set it up in the yard if there is one. Lots of people do that, that way the house doesn't get messed up and you can be married outdoors.

  • 1 decade ago

    Of course not!!! A wedding reception is about the coming together of people that you love to celebrate two families coming together. (you and your future spouse especially!!). The place doesn't matter as long as there's enough room! And even then people usually find a way to have a great time as long as they're together!

    In fact most of the wedding receptions I've been to that were at ballrooms seemed kinda stuffy in the manner that you still felt like you couldn't be comfortable. Either way I'm sure everyone will enjoy it. If that's where you'd like to have your reception to show off your new house then do it! It's your day!!

    Also if people complain to you(which I'm sure they won't) then screw em! What kind of ridiculous person are they to come and complain to you on your day about how YOUR wedding is done!!!

    Good luck and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

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    I had my wedding in the back yard of my sister in laws house and we had the reception there too. We rented tables and chairs for the aisle and for the reception dinner. It actually came out very nice! It really wasn't that expensive. We called a rental company for the tables and chairs, they set them up and picked them up the next day, and all the tables and chairs were white. You can bring your own table cloths with your wedding colors and include candles on top of the tables. It wasn't ghetto at all. My sister in law cooked so I didn't have to pay a caterer. We paid for a professional cake though. The most expensive cost was the photographer and the minister. My sister in law also had a friend act as a DJ for us so we had music and dancing. Luckily she had a big enough back yard for all of this! Part of the reception was in the house too so that helped. Do what you can afford and congratulations!

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    No not at all! It's far cheaper that way! If you want to know something that is "ghetto" to do for a wedding reception, is what my wife and I did for ours and that was to have it held at a local bar/grill. Nonetheless it was in a bar setting, but it was cheaper than to do it in the traditional sense of the matter and that's at a ballroom. Ballroom's are much more expensive.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you don't have furniture yet, that would just make more room for dining tables and chairs(rented). As long as your home is clean and presentable, why not. I have been to a few weddings where the reception is held at a home. They weren't ghetto.

  • 1 decade ago

    Do you have a nice yard or know of a family member who has a nice yard? Outdoor receptions are lovely if you have the right setting. An indoor reception in a house, unless it is upscale, just seems like any other little get-together for relatives and friends.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think it's the ceremony and party and simply getting your friends and family together that's the main thing.

    No, i don't think it's ghetto at all. think of the money you'll save.

    I know of two couples that rented halls and such. After 5 years, they're still paying off the wedding. That seems nuts to me.

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    1 decade ago

    Ah.....not exactly ghetto, but definitely the low budget way to go.

    Why not have the ceremony is the back yard, and sit down dinner in the house. Or......have a buffet table set up with snacks inside.

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    I think its a perfect things to do since you dont have any furniture....lots of places you can rent tables and can be indoors for the food and outside if its nice for the dancing and drinking and having fun. what a way to show people your house and break it in.

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    Do your wedding however you want, and forget all the naysayers. It's your wedding, right? All that matters is that you're happy with it. Nobody will come up to you at the wedding and diss your reception choices, and if they do they're worthless to you anyway.

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