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Memphis or Kansas?

Okay so you might have answered this before, Memphis and Kansas are left in the finals, who do you think will win? Now remember this is not who do you WANT to win it is who do you think WILL win..... Please give me reasons why you would think that one would win :)

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    Memphis why?

    Richard Elemer Dorsey attacking the basket with rebs points. Chris Douglas Roberts is awesome player.

    Derrick Rose is too.

    Who does Kansas have? Brandon Rush? NOT ENOUGH

    Memphis also has a better record

    There you go Memphis is the new world champions. Im unlucky I bet $100 on UNC. :(. Well Cya!

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    Memphis may have Rose, but take a look at how Kansas handled Hansbrough last night. They took a guy who has scored as many as 39 points in a game and held him to 18 points.

    The Jayhawks might not have one player that is as strong as that, but they've got several who are close. The bottom line is that KU only has to hold Rose back while if Memphis tries to take out Rush, they've still got to worry about Chalmers, Arthur, and Jackson who regularly step up to score almost as much when Rush is out.

    Source(s): Check this out. Apparently Rose has a tummy ache.
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    I like both teams. I want memphis to win so they can finally get the respect they deserve.

    If kansas gets off to a quick start and builds a big lead early, like they did against UNC, i don't think memphis will be able to come back from that like UNC almost did.

    But if memphis plays at their best, i think they can win it.

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    I think Memphis will win. Why? Because of Derrick Rose and Chris Douglas Roberts. They're better team than Kansas Jayhawks.

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    Kansas, Memphis will put up a fight put in the end Kansas has it, take yesterday for example, they took down the overall top 1 seed by 18 POINTS. Its gonna be Kansas, 75-68

  • lede
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    KANSAS basically were given fortunate!? prevailing through 18 factors would not precisely sound fortunate. Kansas is ranked actual 2 in both offensive and shielding performance. they are going to use this to dominate memphis.

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    After witnessing the absolute destruction of north carolina, and saw what would have happened had the jayhawks not decided to take a nap for a while there in that game....If KU plays ball like they did against UNC for 80%of that game, or play like they did against TX for the big 12 championship, they will beat Memphis. If they play like they did against Davidson, KU will be in trouble. My edge goes to KU, but this will be a much closer and better game to watch I think than the two blowouts the semi-finals ended up being!

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    memphis because kansas cant stop their superior athletic ability and quickness on the court. all memphis does is run up and down the court and know one can stop long as derrick rose keeps playing his game then memphis will win with out a doubt

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    kansas because thay have to many dominate players for the 3 at memphis

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